My girlfriend caught me having sex with her sister

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This just happen yeasterday my name is justing and i have a girlfriend name and shes 16 brie me and brie been together for 3 years so that day when we came home from school i asked her do you wont to do something and she said like what and i said like sex and she had said hell no and i said why she said dont you know how girls can get pregnant and i said yeah and she said so do you wont me to get prenant or something and i said no and she said so why would you ask me that and i said so we can have more fun and she said no and she said im a go so things wont get out of hand and i said ok bye and she said bye next day i came home from school and went over brie’s house so i knoked on the door and her sister brandy was at the door and i said hey is brie there and she said no shes hanging with her friends and i said oh ok and brandy said but you can come in tho and i said ok so i went in the house and said so how old are you and she said 17 and i said oh our my age and she said yeah but your birthday is before mine and i said mine is in november the 10 and hers is in july 15 so yeah she said my parents aint home and i said ok so we went up the stairs and watch tv and she said brie told me that you wonted to have sex with her but she didnt wont you to and i said yeah and brandy said you know im single and she said we can have sex and i said but im dating brie and she said i dont care and so brandy took her shirt off and i seen her boobs they were huge so i said those are some big boobs for your age and she yeah i know so we started to make outthen she went down and gave me a blow job so i heard a door close and i went and look to see if anybody’s down stairs and i didnt see no one so we contiued having se and brie had came up the staires and said what the hell is going on and i said omg brie and she had told brandy to get the hell out so brandy left and brie had started to cry and i said im really sorry she forced me to and she said i dont reall care you still had sex with her then she said that its over and get the hell out and i went home and just went to sleep and she had send me a text that dont come back over or dont even think about texting or calling me ever again so i said ok so it’s then next day brandy text me and said wann be my bf and i said sure so scince i couldnt come over brandy came over instead so shes my new girl