My Friend Is Humiliated,

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So yeah, we were walking one day and the “cool gang”, which I’m friends with, you know, we’re cool were angry at my friend. One of the bigger guys, shoved me outta the way, and the two leaders grabbed my friend and marched him to the middle of the courtyard. In front of everyone. The leader said “We’re going to entertain you. Well, he is,” he says gesturing to my friend. Without warning, a guy rips of my friends shirt. He grabs my friend’s nipple and twists. My friend wails. “STOP” he gasps. That made them keep going though. They removed his shoes and his pants and it revealed a pair of tighty whiteys. I thought he would die. For the finale, he yanked off his underwear and showed everyone his dick. He yanked it, kicked it, let people capture on camera. Then he hung him upside down from a pole, and whenever someone walked past him, they’d yank his dick and he’d screech. Of course, they didn’t let me help him.