I can’t believe she saw it

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This was when I was 17 and my sister was 14.
We were play fighting like we usually do when our parents are gone. She was in her pjs and I was just in a white tshirt and boxer shorts. I was chasing her around the house when I trapped her in our parents room. She tried to get out but I turned my back to her and blocked the doorway. She’d push and kick to try and knock me out of the way but I wouldn’t budge. I said “Whatcha gonna do about it?” I then felt the back of my boxer shorts pulled down and a squeal of excitement from my sister. I yelped and my face turned red. My sister pulled down the back of my boxers and saw my bare butt! I pulled my boxers back up and chased her into the bathroom. I cornered her and she turned around. I got my revenge by grabbed the sides of her pajama pants and pulling them down to her knees! She was wearing these really funny “tuesday” underwear. I laughed at her undies and said “Well thats what you get!” And blocked the door again. Her face beat red, she pulled her pajama pants up and said “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” and I said “Well why don’t you make me” The same as last time. Well, I got what I asked for. She stopped, looked at me, and then looked down at…well…you know. She lunged forward and before I could even react, she pulled my boxer shorts ALL the way down to my ankles. There I was, my penis right there in front of my sister, And, all the excitement from getting my butt exposed and pantsing my sister, I had a raging boner that bounced up and down when she pantsed me. I got red as the sun and my sister put her hands over her mouth, screamed “OH MY GOD” and ran out of the room. I just stood there, my boxer shorts around my ankles, still in wonder that my sister pantsed me and saw my willy. She told all of her friends the next day and now any chance they get they’ll try to pull my pants down when they visit or they’ll sneak into my room and break all the elastic waistbands in my sports shorts to make them fall down and almost all of her friends have seen my penis. Its so embarrassing! I have so many terrible stories!