friends wife saw me naked

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I was at NJ for a conference and was staying with my college friend. One morning I was taking a shower and his wife walked into the bathroom with a bundle of clothes and I was shocked to see her. Their washing machine was in the guest bathroom and she had come to put the clothes in the washing machine. She could see me clearly through the glass and I was embarrassed but she did not seem to mind my nudity and said hi and I don’t remember me replying and she started talking to me casually as if my nakedness was no big deal even though she could see that I was having a real big¬†erection. A little later I also got comfortable and started talking. When I finished she passed me the towel and she continued with her work while I dried myself and went to the bedroom to get dressed.¬†

There was nothing in her behavior that even suggested that she attached any sexual thought to see me naked. But many times I wonder if that is possible for any sane person.