Forced Skinny Dip

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Recently, a conversation came up between me, my mom, and my aunt Donna about skinny dipping (i dont remember how it came up). They kept asking me if I had ever skinny dipped. I told them no (even though I had when I was little). They told me that that was a shame and every teenager should skinny dip before college. I just told them whatever. A couple weeks later we had a bbq at our house. Donna had her 12 year old son and 11 year twin old daughters with her. My dad and uncle had gone fishing. I hate fish so I stayed home. Donna suggested we go swimming. My cousins said they didn’t have their suits. Donna said they could just go in their underwear. My mom also said thatd be fine. So they all were in their undies and jumped in. My cousins then told me to join them. I stood at the end of the pool in only my cargo shorts told them I left my only swimsuit at my friend’s house. My mom said (and I’ll never forget these words) “Then it sounds like a great time to try skinny dipping!” I looked down and saw my shorts around my ankles after my mom had yanked them down from behind me. Then she pushed my bare butt and I fell out of my shorts and into the pool. My cousins were screaming and laughing. Donna was applauding my mom. I yelled at my mom and she just laughed at me. I swam to the stairs but when I tried to get out Donna and my mom just pushed me back in. I then saw all my cousins climb out and ran for towels and go inside. I tried to climb out like they did but I got pushed back in. My mom disappeared inside and after pushing me back one last time Donna ran inside too. I finally got out once they were all inside. But of course my cousins didn’t leave me any towels. And my shorts were gone. I started knocking at the back door. I heard giggling behind me. I turned (uncovered) and they were all behind me. Donna was taking pictures and my mom was video taping me. Once I ran after them I got inside and got dressed. I told them delete the pictures and stuff. Donna said, “They’ll be great to show at your 21st birthday!”