MOST EMBARRASSING thing ever. Naked and throwing up

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When I was twelve, I went to my friends party. At the party there were 4 guys and 5 girls including the birthday girl. There parents decided to go out for dinner and go to a friends place to watch the football so they didn’t have to put up with the noise. We decide to play truth or dare but just do dares. If you didnt do the dare you had to strip off some clothing. It was fun at first and we played it for a couple of hours. 2 of the guys were just in undies and I couldn’t stop staring down at his dick when he caught me looking. He started to get embarrassed and i got embarrassed when I got the dare to eat cheese which everyone new I hated. I decided to eat it so I didnt have to go down to bra and undies. They said if I puked I had to strip completely.  I got halfway through the block of cheese when I covered my mouth to hold it down and then vomit went spraying everywhere over everyone. Embarrassing enough, they all immediately ran over to me, un-clipped my bra and pulled down my undies. With the excitment and stuff that was going on, one of the guys saw a string hanging from me so without thinking next thing I know is that he is holding this tampon filled with blood. I am never going to forget that moment and I don’t think he will either