Locked Out

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This happened to me when I was 10. I had just taken a shower, and my mom was doing laundry, so I decided to go watch TV. My mom then went out to get some groceries as well. Anyways, while she was gone, the door bell rang. Instinctively, I ran to the door and opened it. The mail man had put down a package. I quickly picked it up when I felt something hit me. That’s when I realized the door had shut behind me and I wasn’t dressed. I tried to reopen the door, but it must have locked me out.

This did not go unnoticed either. One of the girls from next door saw me, and giggled. I shifted the box and turned around, using the box to block my private. It was a small box, and couldn’t even cover my waist, but it could cover that. She asked what I was doing out here, and I told her I was locked out. She asked if she could hold my box, but I said no. She insisted, getting closer, but I backed up to the door and said no. She walked right up to me, and put her hands on the box. She tried to move it out of the way, and managed to make it fall. I quickly covered with my hands. However, she grabbed my arms and held them up. She was taller and stronger then me, so I was barely standing on my toes as she could see my private. “Your kind of cute naked…” she noted, then flipping me around and seeing my butt. I struggled, but to no help.

Finally, she let my arms go, but soon after I saw a flash. She then noted “Maybe we can play again sometime, but I have to go now”. And she left. And before anyone else could see me, I grabbed the box and went into the backyard. I put down the box, and tried the back door, hoping I left it unlocked. However, I instead saw my neighbors having a BBQ in full view.

I ran back to the front as my mom got back. She was shocked and angry to find me outside naked. She demanded I tell her everything, then and there. I told it all as quickly as possible, aware of other people noticing. She unlocked the door finally and asked to see the package. She then closed the door on me purposefully, leaving me outside naked. She said to play outside while my clothes wash, and she would open the door tomorrow. I begged and pleaded, but she opened the door laughing.

Worst. Day. Ever.