Embarrassing freshman wedgie girl

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I was walking home from school one day during Homecoming week, which is in early November at my school. Since I was wearing a 9th grade class shirt, all knew what grade I was in. It was a few days after I turned 15, and while I was walking home, a group of senior girls drove by in a car and said”Hey freshie, come in here.” I refused, but 3 of the senior girls(all but the driver) jumped out of the car, and one of the girls punched me in the face twice. I fell on the floor, and the girls all started kicking my face, and one of them took off my pants and threw my pants to the girl in the car. That day, I unfortunately was wearing very embarrassing panties made of a teddy bear going through rainbows(I had formed a bet with my mom that if I got an A on my report card in my geometry class, I got to choose an embarrassing set of bra and underwear pairs she had to wear for a week but if I didn’t she got to choose an embarrassing bra and panty set I had to wear for a week. I came just one or two points below an A on my last report card, so she won the bet and she decided on the bra and undies with a teddy bear running through a rainbow as the embarrassing bra and undies set I had to wear.)They all laughed at the underwear I was wearing- and quite a few of the specators who saw what was happening but did nothing about it laughed at my panties, too. They continued beating me up, and the girls also took off my shirt and, after about 5 seconds of laughing at the embarrassing bra (with a picture of a teddy bear running through a rainbow on it) I had worn to match my underwear, they took my bra off as well, leaving me completely nude except for my panties.(And my shoes and socks, if you count that) Being undressed in public in front of both male and female spectators was very uncomfortable- I am very shy about nudity and am really not even comfotable in my panties or even bra in front of any female(let alone male) except for maybe my mother. After hurting me some more, the girls dragged me on the floor to the car-although 1 dragged me by my hair, the other 2 girls dragged me by my undies. Once in the car, they hung my underwear with a hanger they had in the car, and the first wedgie I ever got felt very uncomfortable. The driver then started driving the car- I wasn’t sure where she was even driving to until later, but the other 3 girls continued torturing the almost naked, hanging, badly injured(I was bleeding all over my face) and defenseless me. They tied my hands behind my back with masking tape, then they put hand sanitizer in my eyes, which stung really badly. About 60 seconds later, when my eyes were finally beginning to recover from the hand sanitizer, they put pepper spray in my eyes, which stung and hurt about 30 times as bad as hand sanitizer did. They took off my socks and shoes, then put needles and broken glass in my shoes, and then put my shoes(although not my socks) back on me. The needles and broken glass hurt my feet unbelievably badly. They then stuffed both of my socks into my mouth, and put masking tape on my mouth so I couldn’t spit out my socks, completely gagging me. The gag not only prevented me from talking or screaming, it prevented me from breathing out of my mouth, and after a few seconds of making fun of the fact I was suffocating, they put a clothespin on my nose, making it very hard for me to breathe out of my nose as well. Then, they started violating my private parts. First, they stapled both of my breasts on the nipple, and all three of the girls squeezed both of my stapled nipples as hard as they possibly could so that it hurt like crazy and both of my boobs bled on the nipple. Then, they put a bee inside my undies, and they squeezed the bee when it was almost directly on my vagi*a so it stung me directly on my pus*y. Then they stapled the area of my crotch where the bee had stung. Next, all three of them squeezed the area of my pus*y where the bee had stung and where they stapled my vagin* as hard as they could possibly squeeze it, which in addition to ranking a 1,000 on the personal violation scale on a scale from 1-10(it had been personally violating enough when they had staple and squeezed my breasts- hell it had been personally violating enough when they had taken all my clothes off) hurt about 200 times as bad as it hurt when they squeezed my stapled breasts. When they were done squeezing my vagi*a, they put a really sharp rock in my underwear directly on top of my stung and stapled va*ina, and because of the wedgie the rock dug directly into my vagi*al wounds. They then forced a snail shell up my butt, and of course they stapled my butt too. They started to squeeze the area of my butt where the staple was, then they got out early hard belts they had on the floor of the car and first spanked my naked butt with their bare hands, then hit my uncovered butt with their unbeliveably hard belts until my butt was as red as a beat. Then, the car stopped and parked by the side of the highway. They got out of the car and carried me by my panties to a tree that had 2 ropes dangling from it. They tied the first rope(they had obviously put both of the ropes there themselves) through the back of my underwear as hard as they could, and I dangled from the tree by my undies. They then turned on these multi colored flashlights they had in the car and shined the light directly on me, so all passing cars could see me in this painful and humiliating state. A lot of people can see people suffering and being humiliated while driving on the highway, but few people hurriedly going fast on the highway will stop to help a person(such as me being wedgied) who’s suffering and being humiliated. The girls then tied the second rope they had through the front of my panties. I now had the fabric from my panties digging not only into my butt but also my vagin*. And, even worse, since both the front and the back of my underwear were going up because of my wedgie, people could see both my butt and vagin*. When I only had a wedgie in the back, only the back of my underwear was going upward so only my butt was showing, but now that they also had wedgied the front of my underwear, the front of my panties were going upward and my vagin* was exposed to the public as well. They then stretched my legs up the front of my body all the way to the top of my head. After forcing me to stretch my legs, they taped my 2 feet together on top of my head. In addition to being the most uncomfortable position ever, the position I was in enabled any passing car to see my naked and uncovered breasts, butt and pus*y at the exact same time. Since my butt, pus*y and boobs were facing the direction of the road all of the cars could see all of my privates at the exact same time. And, as I was being wedgied by the tree at the side of the road, I still had my mouth gagged, still had a clothespin on my nose so I could barely breathe out of either my mouth or nose, and still had broken glass and needles in my shoes to cause my feet unbelievable pain.(More pain then I had gotten in my life before this horrific wedgie day.) One of the senior girls wrote on a sheet of paper”I’m a baby who wears baby girl panties with pictures of teddy bears running through rainbows on them” and stapled the sheet of paper with the insulting words on them to my stomach. Even worse, another girl got out a sheet of paper, wrote my name, address, zip code, email, home phone and cell phone number on it(I had told them these details about my personal life in the car before they had gagged me- they actually told me they wouldn’t gag me if I game them my name, address, zip code, email, home phone and cell phone to them, but of course I gave them these details about my identification and they gagged me anyway), wrote at the end of the sheet of paper”Here is my identification if you want to see or talk to me”, then stapled that sheet of paper on my stomach to the side of where the other girl had stapled the paper saying “I’m a baby who wears baby girl panties with pictures of teddy bears running through rainbows on them.” As I was hanging from the tree, the girls continued squeezing the stapled areas of my butt, boobs and pus*y, spanking my butt with both their bare hands and really hard belts, and touching and rubbing my vag*na and to a lesser extent touching and rubbing my boobs and butt. After what seemed like 10 years, but was probably only 20-30 minutes, my underwear ripped.(Since both the front and back of my undies were tied up, it had taken a while for my panties to rip since the fabric at both the back and front of my panties had to tear completely.) The girls then picked up my naked body(they couldn’t drag me by my panties anymore since my undies had ripped) and took it to the fence by the highway. They then tied my nude body to the fence. I was still almost unable to breathe through either my mouth or nose because both my nose and mouth were gagged, I still had my hands tied up with masking tape, my feet still hurt like crazy because I was being forced to wear shoes with needles and broken glass on them, I still was in a position where my feet were tied on top of my head, thus allowing all cars on the highway to see my boobs, butt and pus*y at the exact same time, and I still a sign on me with my cell phone number, home number, zip code, home address and email address on them and another sign stapled to me saying”I’m a baby girl who wears baby girl panties with pictures of teddy bears running through rainbows on them.” The senior girls took the exact same colored flashlights they had shined on me while I was being wedgie on the tree and shined them on me when I was tied on the fence so all cars could notice the naked and humiliated me. The girls got marker and wrote on my back in marker what they had previously written on the paper stapled to my stomach: they wrote on my back my name, home address, home and cell phone, email and zip code, and they also wrote “I’m a baby girl who wears baby girl panties with pictures of teddy bears running through rainbows on them” in marker on my back.(The senior’s didn’t believe I was wearing the embarrassing panties because I lost a bet with my mom, but they believed I was lying and I wore little kid panties every day.) The girls then stapled a picture they had taken of my panties(the embarrasing panties with teddy bears running through rainbows on them) on my chest a few feet above(not directly above, but a few feet above) the previous sheets of paper where they had already written stuff to humiliate me( For in case you’ve forgotten, on one paper the girls had already stapled to my stomach they wrote”I’m a little baby girl who wears little baby girl panties with pictures of teddy bears running through rainbows on them and on the other sheet of paper they had already stapled they wrote my name, address, email, home and cell phone number and zip code.) Directly below the picture of my undies they had just stapled, they then stapled a picture saying “I
m a baby girl, and here’s a picture of my baby girl panties. My baby girl panties have pictures of teddy bears running through rainbows on them. I really am not even old enough to wear these baby girl panties and should instead be wearing diapers.”(They had deliberately left a little space between the picture of my panties and the previous notes they had written to humiliate me, so that way they could staple the note “Saying I’m a baby girl and here’s a picture of my panties” directly under the picture they took of my underwear.) After I had been tied to the fence for about 35 minutes, I untied my hands and freed myself. I was about to run home naked when the senior girls made me an offer- they would let me ride home in their car(thus allowing me to not have to run for miles completely unclothed) as long as I rode home naked with them. I took their offer because I was stupid enough to not realize this was too good to be true, and that taking their offer was far worse than running home nude. They began to drive in the opposite direction from my house- I asked why, and they said it was because they were going to have fun with me before letting me go, and they weren’t going to let me go home right away(I definitely should have realized by then that they were pulling tricks on me). They crushed two eggs they had in the car on top of my hair, and then they went to Dairy Queen, bought some ice cream for themselves to enjoy, and then poured an extra large oreo milkshake(or maybe it was an extra large oreo ice cream and not an extra large oreo shake- I don’t even remember) they bought all over my vagi*a, and forced the cookie in the milkshake up my butt and vag*na. They bought three extra large, extra hot coffees at Mcdonald’s, and poured the coffees on my pus*y, which burned like crazy. During the whole ride, they kept touching and rubbing my vagi*a, rubbing and touching my boobs, spanking my butt with both their belt and belts, and squeezing the staples areas of my butt, bobbs and vag*na as hard as they could. During the ride, they took the signs and pictures they had stapled to my body off me- they told me this was because if I decided to climb out of the car and run home naked myself, then I could move the signs and pictures away from where they were currently stapled and put the signs and pictures on top of my privates to give me some cover. Last but not least of all, the seniors drove to a bustling downtown area that was by car about 15 minutes from my house.(The downtown area was much farther from my house then the tree on the highway where I had previously been wedgied was) They then kicked me out of the car and locked the doors, leaving me completely nude into the downtown area. The downtown area was the most crowded place I had ever been, and all kinds of people stared at my naked body, but none of them offered me a cellphone so I could call my mother and ask her to pick me up here.(The girls had given me my backpack before I got kicked out of the car but took my phone so I couldn’t call mom.) I regretted my decision not to just run home naked from the highway. I then spent over an hour(the downtown area was about 15 minutes from my house by car but over an hour away by foot) running home naked with all kinds of people seeing me nude. And since the girls had written on my back in Sharpie Marker my name, email address, home and cell phone and zip code, anybody who saw me could locate me and now knew who I was. I began to get a whole lot of emails and Facebook comments from people (some of who I knew before and some who I never knew before) saying they say me naked in public- I even received both home and cell phone calls from people(some of who I had never heard of before)saying they saw me unclothed in public, and, even worse, everybody who I knew who saw me and my boobs, butt and p*ssy running home naked always teases me about it to this day when they talk to me- and when they talk to me those people sometimes talk about how they thought my body and private parts(yes my private parts- some of them talk about how they liked my boob size and what they thought of my pubes and whether or not they liked that I left some pubic hair on me rather than shaving it all off) looked.Almost as bad, some people who saw me running home naked still talk about what they thought of how it said in Sharpie on my back What my zip code, address, phone number and cell phonenumber were as I ran home nude,and also of what they thought of how  it said in Sharpie on my back”I’m a baby girl who wears baby girl panties with pictures of teddy bears running through rainbows on them, but I really am not only enough to wear little girl panties and should be wearing diapers” as I run home wearing absolutely nothing. And, worst of all, 2 or 3 complete strangers who I never knew before appeared at my front door after my naked incident to ask why the hell I wasn’t wearing clothes. Quite a few people I did know also knocked on my door to ask why I was nude in public. I swear to God this really happened, even though you may not believe me. It never occured to me when I was running home naked to try to use my backpack or school books to cover up my privates. Why the thought of using my books or backpack to cover my feminity didn’t occur to me while I was running home I don’t know, but it would have made the run home a bit less humiliating in retrorespect.