Orgasmed at the dentist.

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It’s important to know that I’m a guy and I have braces. I was 15 when this happened about a year ago and I am fairly attractive. This is a true story. The name of the place you go to get your braces taken care of and stuff is actually called the orthodontics. So anyway, I get dropped off at the orthodontics and the way the building is set up is that there is a two story building; two offices at the bottom and the orthodontics office on top. So as I go up the stairs to sign in by clicking my name on a desktop, everything goes ok and I sit down. There were like maybe two other people waiting (it is a pretty large waiting room) each of us minding our own business. Then I get called to chair number whatever it was. The chairs are set up like a semi-circle. So I sit down in my chair and wait for the dentist person. So then she comes from around the corner and she is a very attractive lady in her early 30s or late 20s. Then the chair got lowered so I am lying on my back. So then everything is going fine and all when she starts doing dentist stuff in my mouth. I then feel her breast touch my head gently and feel their warmth. At this point I got a slight boner (Her breast were kind of big). By the way, did I tell you I don’t masturbate and I didn’t have a wet dream in a while? So then I see her eyes take a quick glance at my outlined penis in my pants(it was like 5 and a half inches at this point) . Seeing that made me more aroused so I slid my hand over it so it wouldn’t be as noticeable. And remember,people are right next to me in their chairs. So now I’m starting to pick in my head so I turn my eyes away her breast area as far as I could. Very shortly after she tells me to turn in her direction. So now I have nothing but two pair of breast in my view. So I panicked more and closed my eyes. Now it’s probably like a 6 in erection. So then she says to get up and rinse my mouth. In my head I’m like, “Oh God Why!” So I walk as awkward as possible to get to the sink, in a roomful of people… Miraculously, no one noticed. So I get back to the and lay down. Except now my cool Asian dentist comes to me (He owns the company and is like 45) and I’m like I don’t want him to see me like this. So he opens my mouth and seems oblivious of the fact of my boner. So then he tells her what to do and leaves. So instantly I close my eyes. She then tells me to open my eyes and look her way. I knew this was gonna get bad. So then with nothing but breast in view I get prodded very gently until I have a full raging 7 in boner. At this point my my mind was literally going “Just give up enjoy it” and I was fighting “No, it’s to embarrassing”. Then it happened. My penis vibrated out of control and I cummed in my pants. I wanted to die. Luckily for me I stopped it before it was extremely obvious. So now its time to get up from the chair and leave, with a boner obvious as hell and a wet spot at the end. So then she says “Goodbye my love” I looked down and waved a wimpy bye. I started by journey out to the hallway that leads to the waiting room. At the corner before entering the hallway is a chair. Lucky for me, a women happened to be sitting there (no one ever sits there). She looks up at me like she found a million dollars. Crap. It’s extremely obvious I say to myself. So I walk across the hallway to enter the waiting room only to discover it became filled. So as I walk towards the door I see like 30 people staring at me, the majority females, like I’m water in the desert. The 10 second walk felt like 5 minutes. I made it out and my boner was finally gone. So I was on the first floor waiting for my ride home. At the orthodontics you have the same two dentist working for you. So before my next appointment I literally contemplated suicide. Once there in my chair with the sane lady, I managed to not get a boner. But I saw a female dentist working at the chair next to me frequently looking at my crouch. She told people. Even now I can’t wait to get my braces off. I hate going back. I’m 16 now by the way… :l