Naked brother

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so I was a 15 teen at the time(I’m a girl). My faimly and went to a waterpark. My parents got tired and sat down in those chairs by the wave pool. My brother(13) kept asking them could he go on the wave simulaitor. They said if your sister goes with you. After a while of his annoying begging I agreed. So he would get back on and on. The first times he was bad but after awhile he was good. While we waited in line he would talk about people on the ride whenII noticed his string onswing trunks was out. So I thought of a way to make him want to stop. While he was talking I carefully started to untie his string. This was hard because he was he was moving. When I was done I noticed 2 girls saw what I was doing and had their phones out ready to take a video. He got on and his swim trunks shot off and were on his angles that made him wipe out and his trunks shot off him completely he stood up and didn’t reliaze he was flashing everybody untill the he looked down. He couldn’t find his trunks so covered up and ran showing everybody his butt. He ran to me. Lucky for him a man had rescued his trunks. He had to expose himself again to put them back on. It was so funny and he still doesn’t know I have the video I got the girls to send me.