Locked out naked

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When I was young, I had a habit of staying in underwear at home. I am a male by the way.

One morning when I was 13 my mom told me to get milk from the milkman outside our house. Now we live on ground floor of a building and the milkman’s cart is just about 10 feet away from our door. I said Ok and went to my room to wear shorts, but could not find it there. My mom said she was doing laundry today and though since its a holiday and I don’t normally go out much, I won’t need them. She then said its just few feet, just go out in your underwear and come back, its 7 in morning,  whos going to see except the milkman. I hesitated but there was no option. I ran outside in just my underwear and bought the milk. When I turned around, I saw a neighbour boy standing there. He was ofcourse amused to see my clothes or rather lack of it and not letting oppurunity pass, he pantsed me. Since I was holding milk, I couldn’t even pick up my underwear or cover myself and the worst was mom had closed the door, so I had to wait on full display till mom opened the door. It was so shamefull.