Icy hot revenge

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My name is Ethan and this happened 2 weeks ago. I am 16 and have a younger brother named Luke who is 13. I always pick on. I pants him constantly in public, give him so many wedgies, left him naked in public, gave him swirlies,and so many other things. Recently I took the string out of his pe shorts which he said made his shorts fall down all class. So anyway I’m onthe swimming team and this was our last meet for the summer so friends and faimly were all there. So I took my HOT shower and put on my speedo and ran outside. At firs. I felt nothing but then there was this horrible burn on my crotch. It was so bad I actually reached in my speedo. The people who could see me were laughing. My coach ran and over and unfortunatly SHE asked me what’s wrong. I told her my groin felt like it was burning. So she stood me up about to take me to locker room but I couldn’t walk and had to lay down. So she sent a girl to get ice and she actually pulled down my speed. In front of everyone. Afte a few minutes the coaches got the ice and held it onmy nuts. It started to feel better but my ball shrunk so much infront of everyone. Later i found out my brother got so mad about the pranks he put icy hot all over my speedo