Icy hot revenge 2

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If u read my last story u know my brother put icy hot in my speedo. I decided to fight fire withh fire and taught never to mess with me. So anyway Iants everyone in my family have walked on him jerking off many times. So one day we were alone so I dumped out the lotion in the bottle and filled it with icy hot and put on the live feed camera on his computer and set up a hidden camera. An hour later I heard a scream and ran in his room. I was on his bed hands on his dick and balls and icy hot all over crotch. He was facing toward computer so I held him so he couldn’t move and said hold on I want to see how many people are connected. I Look and see almost all his and half my school signed in. I said say right hear I’ll get ice. So I gave him a cup check and got and ice pack and came back. I held the ice pack until he shrinked and looked like he felt better. But then I grab shaving cream and shaved his nuts and legs. I then asked him if he learned he screamed yes please stop! He was crying so I let him go took my hidden camera and 

left him to cry after I turned off the wifi camera.