need a moment to myself

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back in high school i went to summer camp. while at summer camp i never got a moment to myself. getting one off was near impossible. by day four i was hurting. all day i got to watch sexy girls swim and i was going to pop sooner than later. i kept having to hide my boner all day.

After dinner I decided that i had to find a place to escape and get one off. There was only one bath house. It was open from 7-8 for girls and 8-9 for guys. the bath house just had 8 shower heads. everyone normally showers in their swimsuits.

I looked at my watch and it said it was 6:30. I had 30 minutes before the girls were going to shower so i went inside and dropped my swim trunks.

Four days of build up was going to be quick. i felt it coming when i realized i had five wide eyed girls staring at me. i ended up shooting my load right in front of all of them.

I ran out as fast as i could. when i got back to my cabin the clock said 7:40. the camp took place in a different time zone and i never changed my clock since normally i didn’t look at the time.

the girls didnt tell on me but they always started giggling whenever they saw me.