Kicked in the …..

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I’m a girl im 11.

One Friday at recess all the girls were gossiping and the boys were playing dodgeball. I was watching my crush, Oliver play. It was boring so I went back to talking with my friends. Then I started watching again and somebody kicked the dodgeball right at Oliver’s you know where. And he fell to the floor holding it. Everyone asked him if he was Ok but he was in so much pain he couldn’t talk. The teacher asked me to take him to the nurse. Well, finally oliver got up and he put his arm around me because it was hard for him to walk. I guess he didn’t care he was in so much pain. Are you OK? I asked him and he said no and then he rubbed it. Im sorry you have to see me like this Danny. He said. I said I didn’t care and we got to the nurse. The nurse asked me what happened to him and I said someone kicked a dodgeball at his…you know. She said well ok Oliver take off your pants and underwear so i can look at it. I looked away to respect Oliver. When they were done, The nurse gave him ice to put on it. Lets just say he looked weird with ice on his thing. Thanks he said and he asked me if I wouldn’t tell anybody about this I said sure and smiled and he put his arm around me again even though he could walk now.

Best day for me but an embarrassing day for him…I FELT SOOOO bad for him!