Skunked and Exposed

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So, this happened to me when I was 10 (i am a boy).  I was staying at my grandma and grandpa’s house over the summer with my older sister, younger brother, and younger sister, and I was hiking in the woods with my older sister and younger brother.  Anyways, while we was walking back, we encountered a Skunk on the path.  We tried to avoid it, but it noticed us and was startled, making all of us stink badly.  We quickly ran back to the house, but we was stopped at the door by grandma, who said we couldn’t go in smelling like that.  She told us to strip off our clothes and wait for her here.  I whined, and she scowled at me, and told me I could either stay out here for the rest of the summer or strip off my clothes and do what she says.


So we stripped down to our underwear, but she came back out later with some metal tubs and other stuff and told us we had to take of those too.  We reluctantly did so, exposing our entire body.  She then made us stand in these tubs while they got buckets of water and made us stand there.  My grandma then started washing my little brother first, dumping a bucket of water all over him and then using a brush and soap.  Thats when grandpa came out with a camera, so I quickly covered my frontal area, and my sister covered her own frontal area.


After what felt like an hour, grandma finally moved onto me, and told me to hold out my arms.  My grandpa also came back, recording again.  I refused, being too shy.  She told me again, in a more stern voice, but I was still too shy.  So my grandpa told me that I had to stop arguing now, or thing would get worse.  I still argued, so then he got his cane and hit me on the rump.  It actually hurt, so I spread my arms out.  She then began to wash me, and after awhile, she moved onto my sister.  After this, they told us that we had to wait outside for awhile, even though it was getting dark.  So they set up some hammocks and blankets.


Anyways, so we woke up the next day, and my grandparents told us our clothes still needed to be washed, so we asked if we could come inside and get a new change of clothes.  They said that we couldnt just yet.  We first had to help them move and clean some stuff.  While naked.  After that, my grandpa then came over and bent me over his knee, and spanked me 50 times for being “insubordinate”.  They then decided that we looked much nicer in our birthday suits, and they hid our clothes somewhere.


However, the worst part is that occasionally, they had friends over, and they made us greet them and shake their hands.  Said it would teach us “modesty” or something. They even drove us home Naked.  And my sister threatened to post the pictures of me If I didn’t type this up.


Worst.  Summer.  Ever.