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So I was finished leasure swim one day and then I was showering and I saw no one was there so I just striped naked(Whenever theres no one there I dont go naked)and then when I was done I just went to change and then I was changeing without covering myself and then my parents friend JUST came in and saw me totally naked!But she was about 2 years bigger then me.So then she didn’t change yet and changed there.She said Hi to me and then I said Hi back in a wierd way.When she changed she was changeing beside me.And then she was coverring herself when she changed but then she didnt really cover propely and then I saw her naked!She didn’t really care but I cared cause Im a very private person.But then I could tell she sorta hit puberty(Im not trying to be mean) because her boobs were 2x larger then mine,she weras a bra,her vagiana had hair and she has hairy armpits. When she saw I saw her naked she just smiled and then looked at me naked and then I felt embrrassed,she was like the only person who saw me naked before.The only people see me naked is my close family members and my BFFL because when we go swimming we cover each other and we dont mind if we see weach other.So I just felt awkward