Mentally Bloody

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So one day i was having my period and i was wearing 6 pads. I was very cautious about dripping. so in the middle of class i went to the bathroom to check and see if i needed more. when i checked i did so i put more in. i scratched my misquito bite on the corner of my forehead. then i went out of the stall and washed my hands and went back to class. When i walked in my teacher had a surprised look on his face and told me to come here. so when i did he sent me to the nurses office and i had no clew why. so when i got there the nurse said you got your period. i was like “HUH?!” but then she gave me a mirror and there a little peice of pad on my forehead with blood on it. and then she made me watch the video and gave me the talk. WORST DAY EVER!