Horse Embarrassment


So anyways, im 11 and a boy and this happened to me.  I was staying with my uncle for two months with my older sister while my parents were divorcing, but they didn’t tell me.  My uncle owned a horse stable and taunt people how to ride horses and such.  Anyways, so this one day, I was riding my horse (I named him and I was visiting when he was born and such, so yeah), Blitz, for a long time.  I didn’t actually realize how late it was until it started getting dark.  I was just wearing some jeans and a T shirt.  As my uncle was coming out, I dismounted, only then feeling something under my feet.  My sister practically giggled.   I jumped in surprise, and ended up falling in it.


I was covered in horse poop (notably not Blitz’s though, because I was riding him the whole day pretty much).  My uncle noted that I couldn’t come inside that dirty, and he told me to strip naked.  I did so, the clothes felt yucky anyways, but quickly covered my area.  He then told me to help him get Blitz inside, and I did so.  He then took me to a large part of the barn.  He then told me to stand still.  He went over and turned something, and the next thing I knew, cold water was flushed all over me.  I instinctively covered my face and head, exposing my area.  My sister laughed at me, and my uncle had a slight grin.  He then came over, and started scrubbing me with a brush until I was clean.


He then noted that I still smelled horrible, so I couldn’t come inside.  So I had to sleep with Blitz.  As A joke, my uncle had me stay butt naked like a horse, and my food was in a trough.  It was human food though.  My uncle found it funny though, and didn’t give me a chance to argue.


Anyways, I woke up with a bell.  My uncle had me take another shower and scrubbed me down, and this time, my sister took pictures.  I still smelled horrible as well, but it was almost gone.  SO he decided to give me a second shower, and then scrubbed me down outside in the open air.  I was mortified.  My uncle then told me to close my eyes.   I did, I felt something go on my back.  It was a saddle.   He had me get on all fours and ney.  We all laughed, and it was sort of funny.  However, he still wouldn’t let me go inside, saying that “I was closer to a horse then a human” as a Joke.  So for the rest of the time, he gave me a shower with the horses and such, though I could come inside actually during the day.  We also got my sister in one, and I deleted the pictures.


However, she still somehow managed to get some to our parents.  Don’t know how.  But im super embarrassed.  Worst Sister Ever.