Dragged Naked Through the School Hallway


This story happened when I was 15 and just starting high school and it was the worst, most humiliating incident in my life.
I was painfully shy and didn’t have any friends at my new school. I was especially shy about my body and after gym class I would wait until all of the other girls finished changing before taking off my clothes and getting in the shower. I was terrified of the other girls making fun of my small boobs, or my public hair. One day this backfired in a big way.
The first week of school was known as freshmen hazing and all of the seniors were looking for ways to prank and haze freshmen. This was taken very seriously at my school and sometimes the pranks got really serious.
What I didn’t know was that right after my gym class the senior girls were using the change rooms. I waited until all of my grade 9 classmates had finished changing before I took off my clothes and got in the shower. I thought I was alone in the shower room until I heard a bunch of grade 12 girls walking in. They heard me and walked towards my shower stall. One of the girls ripped open the shower curtain and shouted “hey it’s a freshmen, what is she doing here?” I was naked and terrified and I shouted for help. The girls started laughing and I curled up in a ball to hide my nudity.
Suddenly a couple of the girls grabbed my legs and they started pulling me towards the change room door. They were dragging me, naked, out of the change room into a hallway full of students. I was terrified and I desperately tried to grab on to anything, but there was nothing to hold on to.
Finally the girls flung open the charge room door and started dragging me through the school hallway, butt naked. I started to cry as a struggled helplessly to break free. Finally the girls let go, leaving me naked in the middle of the school hallway, as students started to gather round in amazement. I was so angry at the girls that I got up to fight them, even though I was hopelessly outmached. More and more students started gather round, to watch this pathetic, naked freshman trying to fight four seniors.    
I tried to hit one of the girls in the face, but I missed and she pushed me to the ground. I fell hard on my butt. I was fully exposed in front of dozens of students, including most of my grade 9 class. Most of the students started laughing like crazy. I got up and started running as fast as I could through the school hallway. I was running so fast that I didn’t even cover myself, and a lot of my classmates got to see everything. I didn’t even know where I was going, I just wanted to get as far away from there as possible.
Just as I was turning a corner I crashed right into a bunch of boys from the high school football team. I was in absolute shock as I smashed right into them and fell to the ground, fully exposed. I was paralyzed with fear and humiliation, I felt like I was about to faint. The next thing I remember I heard some of the football boys laughing, then I realized that they where carrying me naked to the principals’ office.
The school bells had rung for some time, and just about the entire high school was crowding around, trying to get a look at me being carried naked through the hallway by the boys football team. I was too paralyzed with terror and humiliation to do anything expect let myself be dragged to the principal’s office.
When we got to the office the boys laid me down on a seat. Then they told the principal that they caught me streaking through the hallway after I had bumped into them and hurt myself. The principal gave me a towel to cover myself in front of everyone. I cried as I tried to explain how the grade 12 girls forced me out of the changeroom, but the principal didn’t believe me and gave my a month detention for running around naked. I was so traumatized that I actually lost control of my bladder and I peed myself a little. The boys noticed right away and started laughing uncontrollably before the principal finally told them to leave the office.

Next my parents came and the principal told them that I streaked through the school as a homecoming prank and also that I had an ‘accident’ in his office.
My parents were furious and started yelling at me. They refused to let me change schools and forced my to go back to school the next day. The rest of my high school was of course a living hell, buy that is another story.