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I thought i’d do a 3 in 1 type thing



When I was about 11 or 12 I had a friend who was a boy, his name was Jason and no, i did not have a crush on him. One day, he asked me if we could study for our huge science test in a week. I said Okay. At that time, I took baths and right before Jason was coming I decided to take a nice big bubble bath. So I got into the bubble bath and just lay there until I was relaxed. I must have fell asleep because I woke up to the sound of the door opening (the bathroom door didn’t lock.) I saw Jason standing there with my mom!! I sat up and covered my chest and saw Jason laughing his head off! My mom let him in!! I was so embarrassed and my mom made me get changed in front of him. (My mom loves embarrassing me.) Anyway, it was embarrassing at the time, but Jason and I are good friends so we just laugh about it now. By the way he is sitting with me when I am writing this!!


One summer, when I was maybe 11, my 17 year old brother was supposed to go on a small trip with his friend and they were gonna stay in a cabin and go swimming, jet skiing, stuff like that because they were near the lake. Anyway, last minute, my mother thought it would be nice if a tagged along too! My mom told me to pack lots of swimsuits. My mom had just bought me a ruffled yellow one piece, so she made me bring that. Anyway, when we got there the first thing my brother and his friend wanted to do was jet ski. They rented a special boat for that. My brother went, then his friend went, then they dared me to do it. I didn’t want to because the suit was really big and loose on me. Anyway, I finally gave in and did it. When I got on, they dunked me a couple times, but one time they dunked me really deep and I felt my swimsuit slip off. When I got up. I said I wanted to stop, I was up to my neck in water so they couldn’t see anything. “Get in the boat.” my brother said i told him i cant and then I said i’m naked and my suit came off and i cant find it. They laughed and said, come on we wont look. My brother pulled me up under my arms and they took a look at me. There were no towels so my brothers friend gave me his shirt, which I put on. You could see my butt and private part though. My brother and I laugh about this now but when we got back and my mom asked me where my suit went, I said, oh it just got so dirty i had to throw it out.


One day when I was ten, I wore a printed maxi dress to school. At recess, one of the popular girls came up and said, I dare you to hang upside down on the monkey bars. Ok, I said. This is my chance to show them i’m good, I thought. Everyone came to watch. I got on and started to hang upside down when I felt my dress slide right off me. Everyone laughed. I knew they could see my underwear and my chest. I tried to get off but I was stuck!! The popular girls took my dress and hid it. The male teacher saw what was going on and he came to get me down. He started pulling me by my chest. He was touching me bare chest with his hands!!! I was so embarrassed I peed myself and pee ran down all over my body. When he finally got me down I started crying and he said lets got to the nurse Karla. I covered my chest as we walked there in my pee covered underpants. When we got to the nurse she asked if that was water I said pee and I started crying all over again. She said, stop crying just take those off and we’ll get you something to wear. Hesitant at first, I took off my underwear leaving me butt naked for the nurse to see. She laughed and said, my oh my Karla you’re developing quickly! She gave me underwear, a shirt and basketball shorts to change into. I changed into them as the nurse called my mom to tell her what happened, and to come get me. My mom picked me up and that was that. That was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me.

Oh, and my friend Jason sat here and helped me write all of these. Thanks Pee Pee! 🙂

(That’s my nickname for him cause he peed his pants in fifth grade) 

(He was not there when I wrote that so don’t tell him!)