they all saw my penis

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I’m a boy and I’m 15. On my bus there are only five 9th graders. It’s me, these bullies who hate me (Chris and Matt), my crush (Jackie) and my best friend (Alexa, who is a girl). We were on our way home and I was sitting in a seat with Alexa, my crush was sitting in the seat across from mine alone and Chris and Matt were sitting behind our seat. By the way Alexa, Matt and Chris all know I like Jackie. Chris and Matt, as usual, were trying to show off in front of the girls and they were bothering me by tapping me, hitting me in the back of my head and calling me all these names. I told them to shut up and stop touching me but they wouldn’t so I got up and said “Guys, touch me one more time and you’ll be sorry.” and then I sat back down and they continued to flick, poke and hit me and Alexa told me to just relax and that they were just being stupid and she said I should just ignore it and tell the bus driver later but I didn’t listen to her and I stood back up and said “I already told you to stop enough. Don’t touch me anymore or I fucking swear I’ll punch you in the face.” and they just laughed at me and I sat back down and I could tell Jackie was watching everything that happened but I really wished she wasn’t because of what happened next. Chris grabbed me from over the seat and threw my backpack in the back of the bus and then he held me down a while Matt unzipped my jeans and I had no idea what the hell they were doing but I didn’t really want to get pantsed in front of Jackie and Alexa so I was kicking and trying to get out of their grip but I wasn’t strong enough and the next thing I knew Chris said “Hey, Jackie, Alexa…do you guys want to see Ryan’s (I’m Ryan, by the way) penis?” and now I was freaking out and trying harder than ever to get away from them but I still couldn’t and they were about to take my boxers off but Alexa said “Get the hell off him right now!” and she tried pulling them off me because she knew how upset I would be if Jackie saw me naked. I was yelling and punching them but they wouldn’t let go and all of a sudden I felt my boxers down at my ankles. They pulled them all the way down. I couldn’t believe it. I was so upset and embarrassed and I stopped struggling and looked at Jackie and Alexa and they were just both shocked because they probably didn’t think Chris would actually do it. I elbowed Matt in the stomach which just made him madder so he took my dick and shoved it in Jackie’s face and told her to suck it. She just screamed and I was trying to tell her I’m so sorry but it was too loud with them laughing at me and Alexa and Jackie screaming and yelling and no one could hear me. Alexa finally kicked Chris in the balls and he dropped me in Jackie’s seat and Matt let go of my dick. Jackie was looking at me disgusted and I was already so upset and humiliated and that look didn’t help at all. I got my pants and boxers back on and I asked the bus driver to stop the bus and she did so I just got off there and walked home and I started crying more than I ever have in my entire life. It was so bad and embarrassing. I told my mom what happened when I got home because she asked why I was crying. The next day we were all called to the principal. Me because I was the victim and for public nudity, even though it wasn’t my choice to have my dick out. Chris and Matt for sexual harassment and Alexa and Jackie for wittinesses. Chris and Matt got suspended and banned from the bus but I’m still so embarrassed and now Jackie never talks to me on the bus anymore and its been 2 weeks.