Skinny Dipping!!!

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Summer after senior year, I had my boyfriend over. My mom was home watching TV and it was late, (1 or 2 am) and we were getting in our swimsuits (my hot red bikini) to swim in my huge built in pool. There is pool lights, turned on by a light switch by the heater. It felt like a HOT TUB. That’s when ideas came in mind. We decided to skinny dip. We felt really sexy doing this, and he touched my tits (which are big). Then, it was time for HIS idea. He asked if I wanted to have sex in the bushes outside the pool. I was unsure, but remembered I was an 18 yr old virgin. So we did. But, after about 15 minutes my mom was already out there. She noticed we had turned the lights off in the pool, so she put them back on. Then she heard the sounds, turned around, and glanced us having fun. She YELLED LOUD, and ran over and pushed my BF away. I was grounded for the rest of that August and she forced me to break up with him. I was so mortified because she told my older brother in college. He thought I was mature and wanted me to go to Brown University (which was a joke, I wasn’t THAT smart!) She told my dad, who was insisting to ground me even longer! My grandparents were ashamed as well. I will never forget that moment!