sister-in-law defeated me !

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HI, this happened to me 3 months back!! I am boxer, so i was fighting in this college sister-in law (older cousins wife) is our nieghour and she also came to see the game!
Now I was the defending champion of the tournament, no in had beaten me in 3 years!!
on the game night, all were confident that I will win,so was I!
my sister-in-law called me if she could come and I told her that she was most welcomed!!
Now round 1 I was doing just fine!!
before round 2 starts, I see my sister-in-law wearing a skimpy dress!!!I saw her and got distracted and round 2 went to my opponent! she even winked at me couple of times!!
eventually i lost the game on knockouts in the 8th round ! I was taken the near by clinic as i was almost unconscious and when i got up I was totally naked and my sister-in-law was the only person sitting next to me !!
Man it was embarrassing!!