Sexting with my girlfriend.

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last Friday i was home alone with my older sister, Alex and she’s 17 and she had her best friend, Katie over and I’m 15, by the way. We were all watching TV in the living room and I was texting my girlfriend and she was sending me these sexy pictures of herself and then she sent me one where she had no shirt on and she just had her fingers covering her tits and it was sooo hot and i got really hard and I stopped looking at the picture cuz i didn’t want to get a gigantic boner in front of Alex and Katie but then my girlfriend texted me again and she said “like it? i wanna see one of you ;)” and i didn’t really feel like getting all undressed and whatever so i just took a picture of my boner (with my pants still on) and i had basketball shorts on so it looked really big and i sent it to her and said “wanna help me..?” and the thought of having sex with her gave me a full on boner and i put a pillow on my lap so my sister wouldn’t see it and i couldn’t go upstairs or walk away because then they would see it for sure so i just sat there and i tried to focus on the tv but i couldn’t and i started to day dream about sex with her and i made sure Alex and Katie weren’t looking and i put my hand in my underwear and i started to jack off and i was making sure i was being quiet and then i couldn’t help it and i moaned really loud and came in my pants and on my hand. Right away Katie and Alex looked over at me and asked if i was okay and i said yeah and i couldn’t take my hand out of my pants because they would see the cum all over my hand. Alex got suspicious and walked over to me and threw the pillow off my lap and she told me to take my hand out of my pants right now and I said no and she asked why not and she said if i don’t then she gonna take my pants off herself so i tried to wipe the cum off on my legs before i took my hand out but it wasn’t really working and Alex said she was waiting so i took my hand out and she asked why there was cum on my hand and i said i didn’t know and she said to tell her or else she would tell my mom that i was wanking and i said fine and that my girlfriend was sending naked pictures and i got a boner and i was jacking off and my sister felt a little bad that she was so mean about it and she told me to take off my pants and clean the cum off and she got me a paper towel and i took it and i started to wipe my hands off and i asked her if i can leave to wipe my privates off and she said no and she said that since i did a “naughty thing” then i can be embarrassed so she took my pants and boxers off and i wiped myself off and she was laughing at me and teasing me and saying how I’ve grown so much and now theres hair on my balls and her and her friend were cracking up at my embarrassment and then Alex told me to delete all the pictures and get in the shower or else she would tell my mom and i did and she didn’t tell anyone so far but it was reeallllyyyy embarrassing.