My sister caught my girlfriend sucking my dick.

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This just happened to me last Friday when I came home from school. I’m 17 and a boy and I have a little sister who is 4 (Emma) and I have another sister who is 14 (Maddy). Anyways my mom was at work until 10:00 that night so I had to watch my sisters. I didn’t want to watch them alone because it gets super boring so I invited my girlfriend over to help me so when we got home my mom left for work and left them with us. Me and my girlfriend (Gabby) were on the couch in our living room, Maddy was upstairs in her room and Emma was playing with her dolls and it was almost her bedtime because it was like 8:00 by now or something and me and Gabby were bored so we told her to go to bed and I tucked her in and whatever and I let Maddy stay up because it doesn’t matter what time she goes to bed since she’s 14. I went back downstairs and Gabby was on the couch so I sat next to her and kissed her and then it turned into us making out and stuff and I totally forgot that Maddy was still awake so I took off Gabby’s shirt and we were taking our clothes off and she said that she wanted to blow me so I said okay and took off my boxers and sat on the edge of the couch and she kneeled down in front of me and started sucking and literally 3 seconds later Maddy came downstairs holding Emma and when she saw us she screamed and Gabby pulled away and I covered my dick and I asked what the hell she was doing down here and she said that she just came to tell me that Emma wouldn’t go to sleep. I put my boxers back on, gave my little sister to Gabby to hold for a second and I took Maddy into the bathroom and I made her swear that she wouldn’t tell our parents about what I did and she was just laughing at me and saying that my dick was so small and whatever, which it really isn’t that small…its like 5 inches erect. But anyway, she swore she wouldn’t tell so we put our clothes on and we waited until my mom got home and went to bed but then the next morning……this is the really, really, really embarrassing part. My mom had 2 of her friends over and it was Saturday so when I woke up I went downstairs and Emma was in the kitchen with my mom and her friends and she stood on a chair and said “Mom!! I have to tell you guys a secret.” so my mom asked what the secret was and Emma said “Last night Justin’s (me) girlfriend was licking his peepee!” oh my god. I was sooo embarrassed and I was freaking out and my face was probably bright red. My mom asked what she meant by that and she said “I couldn’t go to sleep so I went downstairs and Justin was on the couch and that girl had his priavets in her mouth.” my mom got so mad at me and grounded me for a week and I’m not allowed to talk to my girlfriend until the week is over. It was the most humiliating thing in my life. First my little sisters saw my girlfriend sucking my dick and then my mom and her friends found out about it. It was horrible.