Completely Em-Bare-Ass-ed


This happened when I was 11.  I’m a boy.  Anyways, I had this huge rash, so my mom, older , and older sister (because my mom picked them up too when picking me up) took me to see the doctor.  My doctor is a girl, but I ever really had a problem with, because I never had to change.  However, since it was an unusual visit, I had to go into the room and strip naked, and stand there so she could see my entire body.  My sister had a slight smirk on her face.


Anyways, after she led us into the room, I had to strip naked.  I stripped down to my boxers, and asked if that was enough.  SHe said she needed to see all of me, but I insisted it wasnt there.  However, she said she needed to make sure.  I told her again that there was nothing there, but as I did, she grabbed my boxers and dropped them down.  I covered my privates quickly.  They could all see me now.   I was super embarrassed.   The doctor took a good look at the rash, which had spread all across my back, and even onto my ass and arms, as well as part of my chest and slightly on the legs.  She then needed me to extend my arms sideways.  I refused, but then she said that she could always take longer.  I sighed, and I extended my arms.   After she was done, she told me to stay like that.  She then said that since it spread, she needs to examine my brother and sister too, and tells my mom, she can use the room across the hall to check herself.  So soon enough, my brother and sister were naked there too, standing right next to me, checking for a rash.  During which, my mom came back in, saying she was clear.  So were they.


She then said that its most likely just some poison ivy that made me get the rash and made my clothes all ichy.  She then told me that I would have to wash those clothes before I wore them again, as well as noting that if they went in the drawer at all, it might have seeped into my other clothes as well.  That left me naked with no clothes here or at home.  She told me to wait here, and then came back with a hospital gown.  She told me I could wear it till I got in the car, but then I would have to give it back.


So, I made the long trek to the car.  While my mom and siblings got into the car, I had to take off my gown and give it back to the doctor who followed us out.  Luckily, there was no one else around.  I quickly gave it to her, covering my privates.  However, that’s when my brother reached out of the car and grabbed my arms, lifting them up into the air, exposing me.  She simply smiled, said goodbye, and left.  I was mortified.  However, before I could get in, my sister locked the doors.  I panicked, and tried to open the car door.  I could hear a car coming.  I begged, and finally, she unlocked the door, letting me in.   I sighed with relief, as my mom told me to put on my seat belt.  However, my mom apparently has a mean bone in her.  It was sunny, so she retracted the roof into the trunk.  I was naked, in a car, with the top down.  I wanted to pull down out of view, but she said I had to keep the seat belt on for safety.


When we finally got home, It was late.  I had to eat dinner naked, because all my clothes needed to be thoroughly washed.  Which means I also had to sleep naked.  It was horrible.