Caught naked by the hot neighbour

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To set the scene, A few years ago we lived next door to this mega hot girl, she was staying there while she was at university. She was a good three years older than me, and had a fantastic figure, with great breasts and ass.
When the incident happened, I had just finished school, I regularly go to the gym so i have pretty good body. As I had finished school, I had lots of free time at home while the rest of my family are out. She to was at home doing work. I had a shower and had a shaved, but that day, I decided to shave my pubic hair, to make my body look smooth with my six pack etc. It was a nice enough day so I didn’t get dressed, and remained naked. I was loving the fact that I had no pubes and my cock looked bigger! I got so used to being naked I thought I actually had clothes on, which was the reason i was caught. My neighbour is very nice to me and we get on very well, i have knocked a few out thinking about her.
Anyway, there was a knock at the door, I had completely forgotten I was naked and everything was on show. I opened the door and she was stood there, she looked down and cheekily smiled, “I was a bit bored and wondered if you wanted to hang out a bit” to which she started giggling, I said yeah come in, Her smile never left her face, “Do you workout?” she asked, still unaware my cock was dangling in front of her, i replied “I do actually” she had an open top on which showed a lot of her mouthwatering boobs, which made me hard right infront of her, she then said “what have we here, little horny are we?” Then began laughing, I then looked down and realised I was naked, with a hard on! ” oh my, i’m so sorry!” i said now trying to cover up my erect cock, “it’s fine, i have quite enjoyed it, I have to say you certainly have a large one, how do you keep that hidden” i told her i’d go put some clothes on but she said”no you have nothing to hide” she said then “I’ve seen enough for today, if your free tomorrow I have some friends coming round tomorrow, sure theyd love to see what you have on show” i agreed to it and she said “ok then my little nudie stripper, i’ll see you and your cock tomorrow, bye” and left, i looked out the window and knocked one out to her. I have to say, stripping for 4 older girls was really good the next day, but the embarresment of being caught the first time was terrible.