Birthday Boy

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Anyways, this happened to me around and during my 11th birthday. We (Me, my parents, and my older sister and baby brother) had been driving for a few hours from our trip to see this one museum on the last day before it closed. I had drank a huge drink right before we got in the car. It was both raining and dark for most of the drive, and I had to go to the bathroom. My mom however couldnt/didn’t pull over, because it was dark and raining.

However, I couldn’t hold it, and I had an accident right when we were 15 minuets or so away from home. My mom was a bit ticked. But with my birthday tomorrow, she had an idea. When we got home, she stripped me naked in the living room. She also opened all the windows, which made it really cold. She then made me stand there and wait until she came back. When she finally did after about 20 minuets, she made me close my eyes.

When she let me open them, I was wearing a diaper. She said I had to wear that over night. My sister and dad both saw me, and taking pictures. She then told me to go to bed.

When I woke up the next day, I instantly went to my dresser, but there weren’t any clothes there. I realized she must have taken them. I went downstairs to ask where my clothes were, but was surprised by my friends. I was mortified. All my friends were looking at me in a diaper.

They were not surprised however, probably because my mom told them. However, then it got worse. I felt someone grab my diaper on the back and pull it off, fully exposing me. My mom just watched with a video camera. I was mortified.

Only good thing from that was the presents and cake was amazing. Sue me, I’m an optimist.