Spying on a sexy girl in her underwear

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Back when I was in the school play, I was waiting for my scenes backstage in the costume room, which has mirrors on all the walls. This cute girl Brittney runs in and had to change her costume for the next scene. All the girls were supposed to be wearing a tanktop and shorts beneath their costumes so they don’t have to go all the way into the girls’ dressing room, but she forgot to bring those clothes.  She told me not to look while she changed, but when she took her costume off, I watched her reflection through the mirror on my left.  She was wearing tiny white panties and a white bra. She was facing away from me. Her panties were so tight I could pretty much see her bare butt, especially since she was sweating.  She didn’t even know I was spying on her because to here it looked like a was looking away.  She was so sexy. I put a coat on my lap to cover my boner.