Spiderman puts you to Shame!

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This one time when I was in 4th grade, we were on a field trip with the whole class, and we would sleep in a community center with rooms rented out for us. 4 people in each room. Boys and girls were separate. I slept in my underwear, which were tighty whities. What worse was that I thought we each had a whole room, so I had packed Spiderman briefs because I didn’t want to wear the dirty white ones in the wash, so I had no choice. Well, since we slept in groups of 4,(4 beds in each room, with a curtain to pull around the side) Since I was a deep sleeper and slept later that the other
kids… Well, as I was sleeping, the other mean kids took my shorts and shoes and put them in the room my hot crush was in!
Well, being the deep sleeper I am, I didn’t notice them taking my shirt and off too. The class surrounded me, laughing , and I wondered why. Then I remember
-ed my underwear and looked where my shorts were. The teacher told us to leave or she’d leave us here, so me, crying, had to board the bus in just my Spiderman briefs. All the way home I fell asleep (Big Mistake) And everyone started the pictures. Now I get harassed on Facebook and the pictures still spread. They were even posted on my older brother’s Facebook and he told everyone in his grade. The other kids told my crush I liked her and now she says, “Gonna to save the city, Spidey?” And I just cringe for my family can’t afford regular underwear. I had to switch schools 🙁