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Anyways, I’m a boy and this happened when I was 11.   I was just getting home.  My mom had wanted me to clean my room immediately when I got home.  She had been asking me for days now.  However, instead, I decided to go swimming.  We had a pool in the back yard.
Anyways, apparently she had gotten really angry.  She yelled at me to come right out.  I quickly got out, and she grabbed me.   She pulled my swimsuit down, and put me over her knee.  She then spanked me repeatedly.  Afterwards, she made me put on a diaper until I fully cleaned my room, did all the dishes, and mowed the lawn, and something else she would mention later.  Otherwise, I would have to keep wearing a diaper and get spanked.  Scarred, I quickly started cleaning my room.  

However, I seriously had to go to the bathroom as well.  However, she told me that either I had to hold it or go in the diaper.  So I decided to try and hold it in.  It was getting darker and colder outside, and I was in only a diaper.  So I mowed the lawn first.  I tried to do it as fast as possible, but a few people drove by.

What made it worse is that I couldn’t hold it.  So I was stuck in a diaper that was dirty.  However, after I finally finished, my mom came down with a video camera.  She made me lay down on the table.  She then made me stretch out my arms and legs.  She then started recording and took off my diaper.  I begged her to stop, but she simply said this was the final part of my punishment.  She then put a new diaper on me.  I had to wear a diaper for the whole weekend.