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I was at a sleepover with a lot of my friends there. His cousin, who I thought was pretty cute and I think that she thought the same of me came in to chill out with us. All was well until they decided that they were going to wrestle. Now, I am a pretty good wrestler so they called me to go first.

They all crowd around in a circle around me and my friend with his cousin giggling endlessly. My friend’s brother acts like the bell and the match starts. I won the first one and modestly bragged about it considering the fact that his cousin was getting a kick out of it.
He however swore that the next round wouldn’t be so pretty for me.

The third round starts and I notice that all of my friends are slowly but surely crowding around me. His cousin looked as confused as I did, and I was getting a little scared as to what was about to happen.

Let me start off by describing what I was wearing that night. I was wearing a t-shirt that had longer sleeves. It fit well and wasn’t baggy just the sleeves came slightly below my elbow. I was also wearing these pajama pants that were a little baggy and would hang enough to wear you could see the waistband of my underwear. Every now and then I would have to pull them up as they would have fell down if I didn’t.

My friends are now fully around me and the host’s brother who is about 17 and very well built puts me in a full nelson while the others grab my legs and lift my shirt up so that my abs and waistband are very visible. They move me in front of the cute girl that I was describing. They then ask her if she wants to see something hilarious that she will never forget. She responds, “sure what is it?” The guys holding my arms and my legs switch out and the host’s brother who is ridiculously strong that even though I kicked and squirmed, there was no way that I could get out. He then yanks my pajama pants down to my ankles, revealing my well fitting white Fruit of the Loom briefs. She laughs extremely hard at the sight of this and I turned redder than I ever had in my entire life. They then proceed to yank the pants completely off of my ankles and started to play monkey in the middle with my pants. It took me about 15 mortifying minutes to get them back.