Pampered Butt

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Im a bedwetter and the other day my mom made me wear diapers to school.Luckily nobody noticed.Then one day I went to the doctor and I was wearing my diaper because the nurse asked me to.I was wearing a skirt but luckily it wasnt that short.So when I went inside the nurse was talking to me and all the sudden she lifted up my shirt and saw my soiled diaper,so she told me to lay on the mat so she could change me.But then she opened the window because it smelt so bad and then a group of popular girls were outside and as soon as they saw my diaper change they started taking videos with their phones.When I went back to school everyone knew I wore diapers!

Then one time at school my cruel older cousin was picking me up abd in front of a bunch of high-schoolers,and she lifted up my skirt and said”I think my baby cousin needs to be changed!”So she dragged me into the girls bathroom and put me on a changing stall then started changing me!The same popular girls as before asked if they coud help.Then my cousin let two of them change me,one took pictures with their phones,three gave me really hard spankings on my butt without a diaper,and one of them held open the door so that everyone outside could watch!

Ever since then my cousin talked to my mom and convinced her that I needed to be diapered all the time,and the girls at school always pull down my skirt(my mom made me wear a skirt for easy access too)and then if I had poo or pee then they would spank my diapered butt and say”Bad pampered butt!”The nurse said I could change myself,so Id have to run to the bathroom,where the popular girls would follow me and change me even if I told them not too.One time they even changed my into a thicker diaper with pink elmo on it instead of my usual thin white diaper so that everyone could see it underneath my skirt.Whenever I wet one of those diapers it gets thicker and heavier so that I can barely walk without waddling,and when I poop in them the pink elmos turn discolored and it bulges out so that everyone can see and smell it,but worst of all when that happens I always trip when I walk so one of the popular girls gets to carry me to the bathroom and help me onto the changing stall.My friends all left me and the popular girls always follow me around and pretend to be my babysitter.Whenever I try to run away they trip me and pull up my diaper in front of everyone then they let random people walk by and take turns spanking me.

The worst part is that they take the thin white diapers out of my backpack and replace it with the thick pink elmo diapers so now I have to use them at school all the time.They cause me to trip in the hallway then everyone laughs and stare at the obvious thick diaper up my skirt.My life at school is a joke now.