My poor gf and arch enemy :) This is not true it was a dream I had at night! (no) (lie)


xI said no lie in the title becuase if it was true it would be on YT (youtube) by now.

Anyway lets get to the story! :

(I’m 12 (male) and my enemy is 11 my g.f. 12) So I was having a “get-to-gather” at my house with my B.F.F.E. (Best Friend for Ever Eternally) (I know I said forever twice) and my arch enemy Summer Alexis Cutler (I’VE known her since I was a new born) at school that day Summer made me invite her other wise she would say to the hole entire school every embarrassing thing she ever knew about me and she wanted payback for all the pranks I pull on her (Tell you the pranks after) I almost said no know that the school knew half the embarrassing things about me anyway but there where still a few things left that the school didn’t know so I accepted my punishment like a man. At my house, my b.f.f.e. (not yet g.f.) and I where playing truth or dare “i’m not saying what she dared me to do even though this story didn’t happen” (I have a wild imagination) we where naked so when we heard that my enemies car was here we quickly got dressed put on an act like “thanks for bringing my Best Friend over my house” and her mom left “we” were all alone with no supervision (parents home and watching us is what supervision means if you don’t know what it means) so this made my enemies scheme change to a perfect payback “In her mind” but she didn’t show it until we got into my bedroom. Summer now says Stephen (thats my name) strip down now or I will tell every one in the school what we discused I hesitated but knew I had too so I striped.By the time i got to my boxers she told Adriana to leave the room she did.I took of my boxers and was totally exposed to Summer (this made me extremely embarrassed) she now gives me a nutjob and i cumed all over my electronics and I was mad because i had earned those with my own money (good thing this isn’t real huh!) I knew Adriana had already saw me naked so I screamed for her and she was in the kitchen getting a drink of water at the time she dropped her cup on the table and ran down stairs to my room. There Summer was winding up her leg to give a nutshot when Adriana came in. Adriana was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING SUMMER!  and summer said that I deserved payback Adriana thought that she was almost about to cry for me at my pain that I was going to receive Adriana felt so bad for me. Even though Adriana had already saw me I still got red-faced and had an erection I felt horrible Adriana then changed her mind about feeling sorry about me because I never told her that I liked her until she found out by my erection so she stopped summer and tolled summer to give me a nutjob instead because Adriana didn’t know how to so Summer gave me another nutjob and I cumed again Summer and Adriana laughed knowing that, that was a way to control any boy. I was crying in my head but not showing it cause I knew if I stayed strong I would gain there respect for myself so Summer then takes me outside (To think that a 11 year old girl would be stronger than a 12 year old boy. Anyway) and tied me down to a tree using ropes from my garage. Adriana thought that one more thing would be good enough to punish me so she kicks me in the testes. Then she tells summer to stop or else Adriana would tell her parents about this so summer untied me and Adriana carries me to my room shuts the door dresses me back into nice casual clothes and says in a nice motherly voice, “hey, look I don’t want you to not tell me something I need to know or else I will purposely have summer torcher you again and also says, “hey, I love and care about you too.” I say, “But you!…” she hushed me and hugged me. Then I knew she wanted to be my G.F. I also knew that she kicked me cause she was so mad she thought I wasn’t worthy to have kids. after she hugged me she opened the door and tolled Summer that she would do any thing to protect me from her so summer not finshed with me gets so mad that she pants’s me and says, “Say goodbye to sex Stephen!” she puts on this evil look and kicks me in the balls as hard as she could possibly could and Adriana takes pictures of summer kicking me and saves it on her phone. Summer laughed so hard at me bending over in pain she wets her pants and Adriana laughs at Summer’s expense. The next day Adriana showed the pictures to Summer’s parents and for Summers Punishment her mom photo shopped the pictures to make it look like Sexual abuse and made copies and gave one to every kid in the school even me and Adriana. And Summer so scared of Adriana never bothered me again. 



Did you like it girls? I hope you did cause this did happen the next day and I knew why!

Summer has been planning a scheme for a long time in my dream I got a glimps of the future.