most embarrassing sleep-over ever!

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ok so ever since I embarrassed my brother by telling his crush he loves her he was detirmend to humiliate me.I invited three boys in my class who arent really my friends but there the coolest kids in my class so i wanted to be there friend. When they came they ate dinner with us.My brother put a woopie cushion covered i chocolate pudding on my chair.I was wearing white skinny jeans so they could hear the “fart” and see the “poop”.Then my brother shouted “Alan!Not again!”All 3 of my classmates laughed so hard.Then when we went to my room my brother put a diary that said Alan’s diary on it.He wrote all sorts of embarrassing things like “i just got a new pair of dinosaur undies!”He also planted dino undies in my closet and they found them!I was soooooo embarrassed!!