I saw her naked


I had a secret crush on the new girl in my class. Where both 14 years old. We were doing a monkey bars contest. Whoever lost had to strip in the middle of class. It was risky but I’m the best I know at monkey bars plus I really want to see her junk. We did it and I won. So later in class I got out my camera and whispered I won. She almost cried but than sucked it up. She waked to back of the class and stripped into her bras and underwear. She looked at me and I loved her so much that I didn’t want her to embarrassed so I whispered thats enough. When she was about to sit down a boy that behind her ripped her bras off. He ran away and she covered her boobs. I couldn’t stand this so I ran away and chased him. I tripped and some other boys ripped my clothes off. I chased them (naked) then I saw him take off her underwear. I ran over and punched his face. He laughed ’cause I was naked then someone tied me and her together so my dick is in her vagina. I said “I love you”. We were making out. Then the teacher came back back in the room, got my camera, took a video, and posted it on youtube.