Gagging and blushing

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I was totally humiliate my ex-boyfriend Barry, because I found out that he kissed another girl while we were dating. It started out with me talking him into putting on a pink pair of my thong panties. I then took saran wrap and wrapped it around his chest and stomach with his arms down to his side. I wrapped him up tight and he thought something kinky was coming. Barry did not know how right he was. I then wrapped his legs together with the saran wrap with him on his knees. A co-worker of my friend Julie, who’s name is Branden, then showed up with Julie. Despite Barry’s insistence, I took them back to see Barry in the panties. He was so embarrassed. Then Branden dropped his pants and we all forced Barry to perform a certain oral act on Branden. I can honestly say that Barry was completely embarrassed and Branden worked Barry’s throat in a jack-hammer manner. Julie and I just laughed and laughed at Barry. After Branden made a substantial deposit down Barry’s throat, he and Julie left. I made Barry hop out of my apartment wearing only the pink thong panties. He just kept saying how embarrassed he was.