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Anyways, I’m a boy and this happened when I was 11. I was comming home from school just like any normal day. I just got to the fence gate (we have a fence around our house and yard) when I noticed my grandparent’s car was here. I walked up to the door and I was greeted by my grandma. Apparently they were here to watch me while my parents went on some trip for the weekend. (which I forgot they were taking). Anyways, so I came in and things were normal basically, my grandpa watching TV.

Anyways, a few hours later, she asked me to come outside. I came to see what was up, and she had some sort of round metal tub in the backyard with some buckets and sponges. I asked what she was doing, and she said that I needed a bath before I ate dinner. I said that I could just take a bath inside, but she said that grandpa was already using it, and this is how most children were bathed in her day.

She told me to strip naked and stand in the tub. She was using her sweet kind loving grandma voice too, which is impossible to fight with. I stripped naked, putting my hands over my privates, and stood in the tub, freezing, but thankful it was dark. She then said to stay right here, in the backyard, naked. I was mortified. I looked behind me real quick, and realized she took my clothes inside. She then turned on the lights in the back of the house as well, revealing me in bright light. I panicked, and ran to the back door, trying to get in. However, she blocked the enterence. I begged her to let me inside, because I didn’t want to be seen naked, and it was freezing outside with no clothes. She told me to just do as I’m told and get in the tub, but I was too scarred.

She then grabbed me by the arm, and dragged me back outside. She then picked me up, kneeled down, and held me over her knee then. I couldn’t wriggle free. She then spanked me, 20 times, then stopping. I was now crying. She then spanked me 20 more times, before making me stand in the tub again. She then bathed me, the water was freezing cold, and it was horrible. She made me keep my arms raised. After she was done, she let me come back inside. She made me sit down at the table naked however.

After dinner, she made me help clean up. After, that, I went to go to the bathroom. I also was about to go up and get dressed when my grandma asked where I was going. I told her to my room, but he then said that she had something for me first. I came in, and she surprised me by picking me up, and putting me on the table. She pinned me so I couldn’t get up, but I felt her doing something. When she finally let me go, I was in a diaper. She said that since I had acted like a baby, I would be dressed like a baby. She said I had to wear a diaper for the rest of the weekend.

And yada yada you get the idea…