Dramatic Good-b…. WAIT, we’re NOT moving?

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So the last day of school came up and I was really distraught because I didn’t want to move away from all my friends, crushes, and admiration of a certain man. I’m told we’re moving, so I tell everyone good-bye. Including a teacher who I’ve got a little school-girl crush on. I let him know that he was like royalty, how intimidating and intelligent he is, and how he’s the most interesting guy in the school, and it’s a shame I’ll never get the opportunity to have him as a teacher. In my head I felt all successful and triumphant because he just smirked and shook his head, accepting my compliment (god, he’s super arrogant).

Then I found out that I’m not moving until SENIOR year. And to make things even worse, he’s going to be my history teacher next year. 

Whelp, first day of school’s gonna be awkward af. Hope 12 weeks is enough to forget. ://)