Baby sitter?

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I am a 12 year old girl. My mom still likes giving me bubble baths. So one day my mom had to go on a business trip and she said sue “had” to higher a baby sitter. It was an 18 year old boy. She told I’m to wash me and to put me to bed at 10:00. It was 8:00 and he said it as time to take a bath. So he tryed getting me naked but I was resisting. He called my mom. She told mento do as he said. So I got naked got in the tub. He told me to stand up so he can wash my vugina. He put soap on his hands and put it on my vugina. So he helped me out at 8:15. He got me a bra and panties. Then he invited some people over. 5 guys came over and saw me in my underwear. The bar was really small so it barel cover my breasts even though they only started to develop. So they could pretty much see the bottom half of my breasts. They told me to dance for them. They said I was doing it wrong and to take of my underwear. My sitter called my mom and handed me the phone. She asked me why I wasn’t doing what he said. I said because he put me in really small underwear and a bra. So I put it on speaker and hid it. The told me to get naked. My mom heard and yelled at him. She came home apologized to me and got ride of him with no pay.