a bad choice

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So to start things off I’m a 15 year old boy. I was in the shower when a girl came in dressed. I covered my dick and said “what are you doing in here?’. She said “uncover” and I said “no”. She saw that I wasn’t going to so she stripped! I looked and said “okay” really happily. I uncovered and she kissed my mouth. I’m just staring at her mouth opened and said “did you just” and she kissed it again. I said “who-” and she kissed it AGAIN. I said “I’ll shut up”. She said “I’ll do this with you every day until we leave this school. I nodded. Then I finally said “who are you”. She just smiled and left. I had a feeling something was up so I told my friend what happened. He said ” that was Sofia Patricia, the hottest girl in high school”. “She is hot” I said. So every day for about a year me and her made out every day until one day she said “let’s have sex this time”. I said “okay”. We had sex.
But one day there was a sign that the showers had moved to the other room. Obviously I believed it. I went to the other room but there was no showers, just a big curtain! By the time I’d realized I’m an idiot it was too late. I turned around and there was Sofia with four of her friends. I said “uh oh” and tried to run away but they blocked all the exits! One held my arm another held my other arm another held my leg and her last friend held my other leg. I struggled but they were to strong. I said “what are you going to do to me!?”. “I’m glad you asked” said Sofia. “Strip him”. Her friends stripped me. “Uh oh” I said as she stripped too. She yelled “NOW!!!” and jumped on me (AKA had sex with me). The curtains go up as we’re having sex while there’s about a three thousand people out there including my family. Every body was taking pictures and laughing. I even saw tv crews out there filming. Then she stops and the crowd is silent. She starts sucking my cock. The crowd now roaring even louder. I was so embarrassed. Then when everybody’s gone (including Sofia’s friends Sofia showed me my clothes. She said “you want these? Have more sex with me” I said “no”. “Fine” she said. One last of her friends came out of the shadows and grabbed me. She put me out the door and locked it. I banged against the glass. and she said “oh now you want to have it. Well it’s too late!”. She turned around and lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing underwear. I was running home completely naked when a 16 year old stops me. She takes my hands off my junk and licked it. There was no one else around. She took me to an alley and tied me to the wall as she went into the shadows. I saw in a couple seconds she came out naked. She had sex with me. I struggled again but it was no use. I said “stop”. But she just sucked my privates some more. She said she had a secret crush on me. I said “this is how you meet me!?”. She said “well what do you want to do”. I said “make out naked”. She smiled. Then she made out with me. Slowly she untied me. I jumped on her. But it was late so apparently I fell asleep. I woke up tied again but this time to a different wall next to the road. The lady was naked holding up a sign saying $10 To HaVe SeX wItH bOy. I screamed while there was a crowd of hot girls in front of me mumbling things like “wow” and “he’s awake”. One handed her a 10 dollar bill and stripped. She raped me. A couple minutes later she stopped and another started. This kept happening until all that was left was SOFIA!!!!! I gulped as she slapped a 10 right into the 16 year old’s hand. She gave me an evil look and gave her what I think was $200!!!!! The other girl left and said he’s al yours. Sofia walked over to me and took me off the wall. At first I thought she would let me go but she took me to the YMCA. I think she paid the manager to have the pool for the night because next thing I know I’m strapped on a floaty watching her strip. Then she jumped on me on the floaty. I had actually liked it. A couple hours later she gets up and gets dressed. then she unties me and hands me my clothes. Right when I was about to get dressed she gave me a huge kiss on the lips longer than what we used to do in the shower. Then she hands me her number, blows me a kiss, and leaves. Best and worst day of my life.