On holiday with my aunt (true story)

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It was one of those days when you woke up full of joy and enthusiasm. The world felt good! It was the start of the school holidays, It was one of those days when you woke up full of joy and enthusiasm. The world felt good! It was the start of the school holidays, the sky was a beautiful clear blue in all directions with not a cloud in sight and I could feel just a gentle warm breeze hitting my body as I jumped out of bed. Although it was only Easter, it felt as though summer had arrived early.

My parents were both professional people and would be working for much of the school holidays so had arranged for me to stay with my Aunt for the first week of the holidays. She had a large static holiday caravan on a farm hidden away in the middle of nowhere in Cornwall and I was going to join her there. I didn’t really know her too well, she was rather an anonymous relative who sent us Christmas and Birthday cards although I remembered fondly some of the very generous birthday presents I had received from her in recent years. She wasn’t married and had no children of her own. She had been the Headmistress of a large school and that had probably been enough to satisfy any latent maternal instinct.

Despite having had my eighteenth birthday the previous month I felt a boyish excitement as the train pulled into the station. It was like one of those idyllic stations hidden away in a valley surrounded by green hills and woodland. The smooth electric engine under the carriages seemed rather out of place. I felt there should have been a steam locomotive puffing away with clouds of smoke as the train drew out of the station leaving me the solitary passenger standing there with my sports bag. I had travelled light, having packed just a couple of pairs of shorts and T-shirts, with my iPad safely wrapped up in a towel.

“This way!” came a commanding shout breaking the silence that descended as the train disappeared into the countryside. It startled me from my moment of peace that had enveloped me as the only person on the station. Although I hadn’t seen her for probably 5 or more years, I immediately recognized her as my Aunt. She was so obviously a Headmistress with a dominant presence and long confident stride. “Hello Aunt” I ventured somewhat timidly as she approached.

The caravan was not as large as I had expected. It was certainly idyllically placed in a small dell at the bottom of a field next to a small stream and sheltered by a copse of well established trees. “Go on in” my Aunt instructed as I stood there looking at the caravan and taking in the solitude of the place. “It’s not locked”. Once inside it seemed even smaller than it had looked from the outside and with the addition of my Aunt’s huge frame started to feel quite cramped. The main part of the caravan had a sort of built in settee around 3 of the walls at one end with a small kitchen area. At the other end was a door “that’s the loo” came the explanation as my Aunt saw me looking at it. “And here’s the shower room” she said pulling back a flimsy plastic curtain next to it to reveal a tiny area which must have been less than a metre square with a shower head and a length of plastic tubing hanging from a hook on the wall. “You have to pump the water, I’ll show you how when it’s bedtime”. That was the moment I suddenly felt a slightly embarrassed unease descend upon me at the lack of privacy. I quickly shrugged it off and replied with a rather less confident than I wanted “Thank you, I’ll be fine”.

Nobody would ever be in any doubt who was in charge. Years of being a school teacher and latterly a headmistress had developed an unyielding dominant air of authority in everything my Aunt said. Everything was said in a tone of voice, which although kindly, was such that there was no option to disagree.

Dinner rather took me by surprise. In a cupboard above the sink was a tiny microwave cooker powered by a small generator which was tucked away next to two large calor gas bottles outside at the end of the caravan. It took just a couple of sharp tugs to bring it into life where it settled down to a contented purr as it generated just sufficient to power the microwave. The lights were gas and gave a warm comfortable glow to the caravan as we tucked into our quite delicious readymeals. “If you don’t tell, then I won’t” said my aunt in quite a different tone of voice as she poured herself a large glass of wine and reached across to fill my glass too. They were large glasses and she filled them much more generously than I would have expected. Not that I was very experienced in wine – my alcoholic intake having been limited to the occasional shandy with friends at parties. I gulped it down. My aunt laughed. She had a loud deep laugh. Quite unladylike. “You have to sip wine to enjoy it” she said with a rather amused tone as she poured another glass for me, and herself. I quite liked the feeling of lightness the wine gave me. I felt very at ease although I kept tripping up when I tried to say long words. My aunt was talking and talking away. I wasn’t taking in anything she was saying. But I felt very relaxed. I had had too much to drink. I noticed my aunt poured herself more wine on more than a couple of occasions. She had probably had too much too. But each time she said with a twinkle in her eyes: if you don’t tell , then I won’t….

“Now we’ve got a full day ahead of us tomorrow so it will be an early night for all” declared my aunt as I finished helping her clear up and wash up from dinner.
I looked around to see where I should sleep as my aunt continued “Lift the seat up, pull the board across and that will become a bed for you” pointing to the bench by the table where we’d sat for dinner, “and I’ll be sleeping there” as she nodded towards the settee area. What? Both in the same room? I thought to myself with a sudden surge of embarrassed panic rising through my body as I realized privacy was going to be non existant,, the only door being that to the tiny loo. I lifted the bench seat and slid the bedboard across as instructed under her watchful gaze. It all fell into place rather well as I unfolded a thin mattress from the cupboard. I offered to help prepare my aunt’s bed but she said she would be reading for a bit before she settled, but for me to go ahead and have my shower now. My aunt stood there, feet slightly apart, hands on hips, looking at me with an authoritative expression. I felt vulnerable. “Where’s your bag?” she asked but before I could answer she carried on “you’ll need to use this special shower gel, you can’t let detergent get into the stream” as she handed me the bottle of shower gel. “Did you bring pyjamas, or don’t you wear them?” she asked in her matter of fact way. I blushed as I thought to myself, no, I don’t and I forgot to bring any despite my mum’s reminder to make sure I took some. I didn’t answer but she wasn’t waiting for an answer anyway. I attempted to divert the situation by saying I’d just go to the loo first and darted into the tiny loo discretely taking my towel with me. The room was tiny and I kept banging my elbows on the walls as I quickly took off my shorts and T-shirt and tied the towel around my waist. I hesitantly emerged and headed for the shower cubicle, feeling very vulnerable and slightly embarrassed. My aunt was still standing there in the same stance, same position, hands on hips. For a moment she continued just standing there looking at me, then she smiled. “Right” she said. “First, you need to start the generator, the shower needs electricity for the pump, then I’ll light the gas”. It was clear she was going to just stand there and give instructions. I hesitated for a moment as I stood there with my shoulders slightly hunched turning to look at the door. “Go on, you’ll be fine” she said, sensing my hesitation. “There’s nobody else for 5 miles around”. I ran tentatively on tip toes with my bare feet around to where the generator was and gave it a quick pull to start it. Standing in a field with just a towel around my waist made me feel very exposed, even though I wasn’t. My aunt gave me a big sort of encouraging smile as I climbed back up into the caravan holding my towel where it was twisted together to make sure it wasn’t going to slip as I stretched up the steps. “You’ll need to know how to do it, so reach up there and push the little lever then push the button sharply and that’ll light the water heater”. This could get awkward, I thought as I stretched up with one hand whilst still firmly holding my towel together with the other. I stood on tip toe as I stretched up further. “You have to hold the lever down whilst you push the little button next to it” came the continued instruction. “You’ll need both hands”. I hesitated and gave my towel another twist to make sure it wasn’t going to slip whilst I was stretching up. “Wait, stand on this” said my aunt as she produced a small wooden box for me to stand on. “Thanks” I said as I stepped up onto it and stretched up. I froze for a moment as a tingle of excitement run through me as I felt my aunt put her two hands on my hips to steady me as I stretched up. They felt warm against my bare skin which was just a little chilly from when I had gone outside to start the generator. My first thoughts were ‘Should she be doing this whilst I’m undressed?’ At first I thought I was imagining it but no, just below where her hands were touching the top of my hips and I could feel just her fingers moving across my skin under the edge of the towel in a caressing movement. The heater burst into life with a woof of energy. “Well done!” came a satisfied voice from behind me as I felt a quick kiss on the middle of my back. I felt confused. Did my aunt just kiss my back? Was she really running her fingers under the edge of my towel? I felt a stirring down below. Oh no, not now, I pleaded with myself as I felt just a slight thickening develop under the towel. “I’ll leave you to have your shower” my aunt’s voice cut through my moment as she let go of my hips and turned away. I quickly pulled the shower curtain across, and twisted the tap on the shower head sending a burst of water over the towel which was still round my waist. I squeezed the wet part of the towel and placed it carefully on the floor on the edge of the shower tray. My fear came to a head as I heard my aunt’s voice above the trickling water, “You’ve got your towel wet, I’ll put it by the fire for you to dry off’. That was the moment I froze and before I could protest the towel had been whipped away to be dried by the fire. I was now stark naked in a tiny shower cubicle protected only by a flimsly shower curtain that barely reached across the gap, and my towel was now presumably hanging by the gas fire the other end of the caravan where my aunt was sitting! The thickening down below suddenly grew in intensity and I turned my back to the curtain just moments before I felt the cold draught of it being yanked back and my aunt declaring “don’t forget the special shower gel”. I turned my head to find the open shower curtain exposing me to the room and my aunt standing there holding out the bottle of shower gel towards me. As I looked up our eyes met and I could see she was looking up and down my naked body. She didn’t avert her gaze for a moment but continued to look at me, up and down. Fortunately I had my back to her so what she could see of me was limited, but she was making no effort to move away. She stood there motionless looking at me and holding out the bottle of shower gel, as I stood there motionless slowly raising my eyes to hers. “Here you are then!” broke the silence as she pushed the bottle towards me and started to pull the shower curtain back again. “Thanks” I said, but no sound actually came out as I took the bottle in one hand, my other hand attempting to cover my genitals. What was that smile on her face as she turned away? I thought. Did she see anything? I then remembered that my towel was still the other side of the room. How was I going to deal with that? I thought. I undertook the quickest wash I have ever had then stood there wondering what to do. Clearly my aunt knew I was now stark naked and she knew I now had nothing to cover myself with – she had actually taken my towel away. Presumably she was not going to be freaked out seeing a naked youth. We were all fairly conservative at home. Although my parents knew I slept either naked or in boxers, my mum hadn’t actually seen me naked since puberty. I thought again of my aunt holding her hands my around the waist a few moments ago and the kiss on my bare back. Perhaps I had imagined that? I smiled for a moment as I thought to myself, maybe the Mrs Robinson seduction scenario really does happen! My thoughts were broken by her calling from the other end of the caravan “Your towel is here when you’re ready. It’s nice and warm now.” It was obvious that she expected me to just come out and get the towel. She was obviously not bothered about seeing me naked. In fact, I was wondering whether she might in fact enjoy seeing me naked. The thought resurrected the stirrings down below which I hastily tried to suppress. “Come on!” came what was now a slightly impatient cry. I covered myself with my hand as best I could and pulled the shower curtain back. My aunt was sitting at the end of the caravan and looked up as she heard me. She gave me a big encouraging smile and nodded towards the fire. “Your towel is just here” she said nodding towards it, but making no effort to get up or to hand it to me. I took a deep breath and tried walking confidently over to get it, still covering myself with my other hand. “Don’t be shy” she said in the most gentle voice I had yet heard. “I had a school-full of naked boys, you’re no different.” I wondered what she meant, and whether it was actually true, how had she seen boys at school naked? “Thanks” I mumbled attempting a smile, but wasn’t sure how it came out as I took the towel. It was lovely and warm and as I wrapped it around my wet body I just wished it was bigger. I looked up, my aunt had not looked away but was still watching me with that same encouraging smile on her face as I tried to dry myself without letting too much be seen. Fortunately everything was now well under control downstairs and I dried myself whilst holding the towel in place, turning my back and maintaining as much modesty as I could in the circumstances. “You’ve a nice body” she said cutting through the silence. That was the peak of my embarrassment. I know I turned bright red as I mumbled thanks and tried to cover as much of myself up as I could. She continued, “I couldn’t find your pyjamas so I assume you normally sleep in the nude and that’s fine with me, just do what you normally do”. If it is possible to turn red whilst already blushing bright red, then that is what I did. I started to say something about not to worry I’ll wear my shorts but was interrupted by her authoritative declaration that I will need several changes of shorts during the week and it won’t embarrass her to see her nephew in the nude – and that she had given me enough baths when I was little. Why do people always remind you that they bathed you or changed your nappy when you were a baby? It really is not that relevant when you’re eighteen!
I let it go without saying anything. I was too embarrassed. I stretched the damp towel tightly around myself and stood there, trying hard to look confident. I tried to take control of the situation by suddenly asking what book she was reading. She smiled, she could obviously see through my attempt at confidence, but replied with a sort of resigned enthusiasm that it was about the discovery of Roman artifacts and opened up a large book that was on the seat next to her. “Come and sit here and I’ll show you” she said patting the seat next to her. My confidence deserted me, this is not what I had expected to happen. I hesitantly moved across and sat a little way from her on the settee and hunched myself forward to look. She got up and moved herself right next to me holding the book in front of her so we could both see. Her hand brushed against the towel covering my leg as she held the book for me to see. “Oh my goodness, your towel is soaking wet!” she exclaimed. “Take it off and hang it by the fire. We don’t want to make the settee wet.” I couldn’t believe she was telling me to take my towel off. She was obviously quite prepared for me to be stark naked in front of her. In fact she was actually demanding it! Her voice had that sort of school mistress authoritative air that left no room for disagreement. I panicked. I said, OK, but actually I’m really tired I think I’ll go straight to bed now. I darted across to where my makeshift bed was, dropped the towel on the floor and quickly slid into the sleeping bag. “Oh no!” came a stern very authoritative voice. “We’re not going to leave a wet towel on the floor are we? Pick it up and hang it over here.” I gulped and coyly got out of bed, picked up the towel, held it in front of me until I placed it in front of the fire. I was then standing there stark naked. She could now see all of me. Absolutely nothing was hidden. I turned, hunching myself down to hide as much of me as possible, as I returned to my bed when the same stern authoritative voice continued, but with a slightly softer tone now, “You’re not going to bed without giving your aunt a goodnight kiss are you?” “Of course not”, I replied with what came out as a suppressed squeaky voice. I shuffled over to where she was sitting, holding a hand over my crotch to minimize my embarrassment. She reached up towards me with her head up to give me a kiss; he right hand steadying herself on my left hip. I returned her kiss as she let her hand fall slowly from my hip, running the back of her hand down my leg before pulling it away. “And a quick hug!” she added. This time both her hands came up around my lower back and pulled me towards her. I let my head rest on her shoulder momentarily as she hugged me, before trying to straighten up again, but she continued to hold me there. After what seemed an eternity, she released me and let her hands slowly slide down over my buttocks and pause there for a moment before continuing down the back of my legs as she released me. I couldn’t believe that I was standing there with my penis level with her face as I straightened up. Her sensitive touch on my buttocks and legs had had an immediate effect down below and my penis was by now at half mast and continuing to thicken rapidly. I looked down, I was now fully erect and throbbing with a drip of precum on the end. My face was as red as a beetroot by now and I mumbled something about being sorry but was interrupted again by my aunt. Her voice was now very soft and gentle, no resemblance whatsoever to that which was earlier giving me strict commands. “It’s OK” she said, “it’s nice to see that everything is working” and patted me gently on my backside as I retreated to the safety of my bed.
I buried myself in the sleeping bag and with the effect of the wine I was quickly asleep and didn’t even hear my aunt getting herself ready for bed.

A bright shaft of sunlight awoke me in the morning. I lay there for a moment getting myself together and remembering where I was. I ran my hands down by body and confirmed to myself with a start that I was in fact naked. I looked across to where my aunt was sleeping. There was a curtain sort of half way across the caravan so I couldn’t actually see her but could see the shape of the lower half of her body under a duvet. Everything seemed so bright and clear in the morning light; so much more so than the dim flickering light of the gas lamps the previous evening. I thought back to the previous evening. Somehow it all seemed rather unreal. Things are so different in the morning light. I looked across at the shower and couldn’t believe that I had actually showered behind that flimsy curtain. I looked at the gas fire. I couldn’t believe that I had taken my towel off and stood there stark naked in front of my aunt. I thought of the goodnight hug and how she had run her hands over my buttocks. At the thought my penis started to harden. Oh no, I thought. A morning ***** is not what I want today – but too late. Fast and hard. I moved my hand down to confirm, and yes, I was now fully erect. I gently felt myself. I slowly ran my fingers along my rigid shaft and down to my taught balls. Thank goodness I haven’t got to get up yet I thought to myself as I lay there with a contented feeling running through my body. Last night seemed so unreal, but also in retrospect felt rather exciting. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It was nice to be told I had a nice body. I was rather self conscious and it gave me quite a boost to be admired. For somebody to have got enjoyment from seeing my body felt rather satisfying but also rather embarrassing – I didn’t want to believe my aunt had seen me stark naked. That she had also seen me erect. It would be so humiliating if she told my Mum. My Mum would never understand. We just don’t do that sort of thing in our family…..