Male Doctor…I’m a girl!!!


So one day I went to the doctors and I normally have a girl since I’m a girl, but they gave me a guy instead. I was supposed to be having my annual checkup (you know for girls where they check all your privates) so that was akward. So I sat down on the bench thingy alone since i told my mom i could go in alone. the nurse left and the doctor came in he was male and he shut the door. there was another room inside that one that was meant for extra privacy just in case someone might come in so he told me that we were going to go in there. we went in there and he shut the door. He told me to take all of my clothes off. I was so embarassed and I was taking a long time so he said could i hurry up. when i didnt answer he came up behind me and started helping me. btw i was about 20 at the time and the doctor looked 25ish so he was old enough to have been my boyfriend or something…akward. anyway he started taking my shirt off and then he took off my bra. he was staring so bad. and then he reached for my panty and slowly took it off, staring at me the whole time. he wasnt even trying to hide it. then he told me to sit down on the seat thingy so i did. he started feeling my vagina with his hands rubbing up and down. he told me to spread my legs and then he bent down and put his face really close and stared inside using some magnifying glass sorta thing. he kept feeling me there and i was getting really turned on. he put his fingers in between my boobs and squeezed here and there. and then he went and sat down on a chair and he told me to sit down in front of him. i sat down there so basically yeah it was really weird. he put his hands around me and started feeling my vagina again, rubbing me up and down and in circles. it was so embarassing i turned so red. then this other guy came into the room he was a doctor too. he shut the door and came over to us and started talking to my doctor and i was just sitting there in front of two guys, naked. then he bent down and put his face in front of my vagina and my doctor told me to spread my legs and he held my vagina open as well while the guy looked. he kept ‘massaging’ me it was so weird. after a long time he told me to put my clothes back on and that i was done. SOOOO EMBARASSING OMG. My mom asked me how it went, and i didnt tell her anything, i said it went fine, she didnt even know i had had a male doctor.