Colored Privates



I’m 16 and I’m a boy. Me and my family always rent a house in North Carolina over the summer so it’s me, my mom and dad, my aunt and uncle, my sister (11), my girl cousin (9), and then my other girl cousin (16). I’m always the only boy there besides my dad and uncle. So my 16 year old cusion, Kristen brought her really hot best friend with us this year. She is so pretty. She’s skinny and has huge ass boobs and she has blonde hair and her name was Maddy, also 16. So one day, everyone went down to the beach except for me, Kristen and Maddy. We stayed back at the house. I was sitting on the couch in the main room watching TV when Kristen and Maddy came in. Kristen said that they were really bored and wanted to know if I want to play a game with them so I said sure. They said that the game was that we all get a bottle of water and we have to chug them and the two winners think of an embarrassing dare for the loser and they have to do whatever it is. I was scared that I might loose but I just went along with it. So we all got a water bottle and on the count of three we started drinking them as fast as we could and of course, I lost. They made me sit on the couch while they thought of a dare and they finally came back out and Kristen said “Okay. You have to take off all your clothes and do a bunch of jumping jacks and then me and Maddy get to color your dick with food coloring!” and they were laughing at me and I protested at first but I just gave up and took off my shirt and shorts and begged to leave my underwear on but they made me take them off so I did and covered up right away. They made me take my hands off and they laughed but I don’t know why because my dick had hair and it was like 5 inches soft but they were probably laughing because they knew I was embarrassed. They were cracking up and screaming and then they made me do the jumping jacks and I did like 20. Then they got a cup of water and filled it with blue coloring and they told me to squat over it and put my penis in it so I did and they took a video of it. Then when I was done with that, they told me to lay on my back and spread my legs so they could color my nut sack red with the dye, which they also video taped. So I did and they started painting it with a paint brush and it tickled so much and they kept touching my dick and moving it around so they could color my balls and it got so hard and I knew I was about to cum so I got up and ran to the bathroom as fast as I could but they grabbed me and pulled me back and said they weren’t done so they kept painting my balls and right when they finished, I came all over their hands, my legs and the floor and they screamed and laughed at me and I was so embarrassed and for some reason I started crying so much that I couldn’t even see which was weird because I never cry. I only cry a little when someone dies and everyone knows that so they knew how upset I was if it made me cry. They must have felt really bad because they got me a clean pair of boxers and they helped me clean up my cum and they helped me get dressed because I was crying so much I didn’t even know what I was doing and on top of that I was so embarrassed that I was crying in front of them. Then Maddy got as much of the food coloring off my dick as she could without hurting me. When I was all cleaned off and dressed, I stopped crying. They said that they felt really bad that they did that stuff to my privets and they said that they would show me their boobs if I wanted so I said yes and they took off their shirts and bras and let me feel them which made me feel a little better that we all saw each other’s parts and that it wasn’t just me being embarrassed. The rest of the week went fine except when my aunt walked in on me peeing and she saw my red and blue privates but I told her that it was just because I lost a bet and it will wash off in a few days and I don’t think she told anyone about it.