7 Minutes in Heaven

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So when I was 11 years old, I was invited to one of my guy friends party. I didn’t know this, but when I got there I saw I was the only girl there, and his parents weren’t home that day. So when it got a bit late, we decided to play the game 7 minutes in heaven and since I was the only girl, I had to play with all the guys. The first few guys were pretty mild. They touched me here and there or kissed me on the lips, but none of them took anything off or anything. Then next was my crush, and he was kind of a perv now that i think about it. but we went into the closet. and i clicked on the light and was like what do you want to do. he was my crush and i was insane….but i told him he could do anything and that i didnt care. so he was like, okay but i want you to be blindfolded so i wont tell you what im doing. i was kinda nervous but i was like okay. So he grabbed a shirt from the closet and tied it over my eyes and told me to lay down. He started stripping me, taking off my shirt and pants. I thought he would stop there put he didnt. I had developed up there so i wore bras but i hadnt started growing hair down there yet. he flung off my bra and then i felt his fingers reach for my panty. i was like ‘uh are you sure’ and he was like ‘well you said i could do anything’ so he slowly slid it off. and then it got really quiet and i thin khe was probably just staring because i was a girl and completely naked. then he started feeling me. first he squeezed my boobs and then he moved down. he was touching my vagina and rubbing up and down. and then he picked up my legs and held them open, and i could feel his breath on my vagina because he was probably looking inside. it felt really good the way he was touching me though. and kept feeling me below there and then he put my legs down. i thought he was finished but then i felt his tongue on my vagina. he started licking it and i was getting really really insane. i wrapped my legs around his neck so his face was just practically on me there. and he kept kissing me there. then he got off and kept fingering me. we hadnt realized but the 7 mins were over and the guys opened the door to see him there touching my pussy! so embarassing. they took off my blindfold and stared at me. then all of the guys came in and closed th edoor. they were like ‘can we touch you too’ and i was like oh whatever yeah. so for about an hour all of the guys were sitting on the floor in the closet sucking and kissing and touching me here and there. there were mouths and hands on my vagina, and it felt soooo good. they started taking pics but i told them they could if they didnt get my face so they got up really close and took them pretending to be doctors lol. so now whenever i go over to there house they strip me and touch me cuz otherwise theyll post the pics online. but its okay cause it feels really good. sometimes i just lay on there bed while they all pretend to be doctors and they say i have diaper rash and take off my undies