When I was about 10, my older brother took me to the local swimming
pool. I was wearing a speedo for the first time and didn’t think
anything about it until my brother told me that some of the kids at /> the pool played a new game called “speedo-napping”. He wouldn’t tell
me how it was played just that I should be careful. I couldn’t figure
out what taking a nap had to do with it so promptly forgot what he
said and jumped in the pool and began swimming. Some of my friends
were there and we were splashing around having a fun time. Suddenly,
one of my friend’s expressions changed quickly to concern and in a
moment I knew why. ONe of the boys my brother warned me about popped
out of the water from behind my friend holding up his speedo and
yelled “speedo-napped!” and took off with my friends speedo. The full
horror of the game dawned on my in a moment when I felt my speedos
being pulled off and soon one of the boys had mine as well. My friend
and I were in a panic especially since the boys must tell some of the
girls when and to who this would happen and those girls dive in the
water to get a look. We were so embarrassed we couldn’t think what to
do except to try to cover our privates (giving a good showing of our
butts)and tread water.