Owwwwwww Continued

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Well in an earlier post named owwwwww this is continued, well today we were playing tag and we had to grab each others privates and we were naked so we did, but we all got sweaty so we cleaned each others privates, then my cousins said to get on my back and spread my legs, i hesiteated but went with it, they started playing with my thing, inspecting it to just inspect it and I was like are you done when one of them started sucking me, and I said ok well this seems familiar right then I said lets change things up and I said just put your mouth over my dick and I started pushing my thing in and out of her mouth and then my other cousin got to try then my other cousin, so then they said lay still and I did and one of them got on top of me and started sitting on my thing and I went up and down in her butt, so they started taking turns, and we were like this is going in our family photo album, so we got the camera and all lined up in a row and we took a picture standing all relaxed, then we all jumped and then my cousin got under my thing and put it on top of her head, and my other cousins put their hands right next to it like they were presenting it and i got my arms and spread them out and layed their boobs on top of my arms squeezing the one closest to my hands and we were laughing at the pictures especially the jumping one where there boobs were all cock eyed and my privates were twisting in the air, so then we got up and said well that was fun and then we traded they all massaged my privates, and then i massaged my cousins boobs and then my other cousin massaged her boobs and then my other cousin, pretty much taking turns and we were all relaxed and we all got on the couch and we took a picture of me with my legs spread towards the camera, and my cousins leaning forward with there boobs hanging low.