O my god I did it with my brother


Well this was Monday, it was 7 in the morning and I was changing for school when my brother ( 13 like me ) walks in on my ( we share a room ) and says why are your boobs so big it was embarrassing plus I was totally naked no panties or bra or anything the only thing I had was a small purple and green thong in my hands about to put on I yelled at him to get out but he said because it was his room to be didn’t have to( we were they only ones home ) so I just let him stay I put o. My thong and went to my drawer for a bra I found a bra that matched my thong so I pulled it out and was about tout it on when my brother grabbed it and threw it somewhere I turned around quickly to find he was naked I asked whathe was doing he said I didn’t want you to feel awkward I just said ok I was turning to go get my bra when he grabbd my arm and pulled me close to his body I hesitated at first but I didn’t say anything neither did he just put his penis in my vagina I had never had a penis in my vagina before so it felt way weird I tried to pull away a little but my brother was holding me to tight so I just stayed there in his arms in just a thong when he let go he bent down so he was on his knees he put his hand on my vigina and rubbed then he put his hand in my thong and stuck his finger up in my vigina it made me jump it said wow it is ok calm down he rubbed it again stood up grabbd the rim of my thong and in one fast motion I was naked again he didn’t have to say anything I just stepped out of my thong and he threw it next to my bra pushed me on the bed he rubbed my vagina one last time and then said are you ready I just nodded so he pushed his body against my boobs and lightly pushed his penis into my vagina I moaned he said does that feel good I groaned he said yes we went on for about 15 minutes but then I felt something weird at first I thought it could be sperm or maybe cum but no it wasn’t either I almost screamed when I realized what it was his face turned bright red he said sorry but the feeling was still there a feeling of warmth on my vagina then I knew he had peed on me but the worst thing is when I realized it was pee I started to pee thankfully we were on the floor at that point so it didn’t get on his or my bed but there we were peeing on each other it was warm and felt good to the both of us we just laugh about it now infact we try to pee on each other at least 3 or 4 times a week it is way fun sometimes we even have shower sex but that is a different story