caught naked by neighbour

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When i was 12 – 13 yrs old, there was a sexy neighbour lady, who was in her late 20’s. She had a nice boobs and solid round ass. she used to be friendly with me, asking about my studies. I too was enjoying her company. One day, it happened so that no one was there in my house and i was just out from my bath. The door bell rang and it was her. She felt bored and came to meet me. I was standing in a towel, with a bare body. She gave a smile, seeing me in such a condition. She came in and while i turned to get back to close the door, the towel got stuck mysteriously. I was naked from top to bottom. Seeing me naked, she started laughing at me so hard. Since i did not reach puberty at that time, i had a small dick. This made her laugh further harder. I had to run past her, to go to the bedroom and wear clothes. While doing so, she slapped me on my butt and further teased me. She has been teasing me everytime after that episode. I fantasize this episode and masturbate thinking of her. She is my dream lady. Once while i was climaxing, she again caught me and laughed hard. This time, she told me that i have a small dick and now teases me for a small dick. I hope to have sex with her soon.